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Genre and Release Date

Mortal Shell is an action RPG by the Indie studio, Cold Symmetry. The upcoming game will remind you of a Soulsborne title but probably in a lower quiality. We remind you that FromSoftware have millions of people working on their project, while Mortal Shell is made by a small group of developers. The release date is not announced yet, but we can expect it (hopefully) this summer.

[UPDATE 1 – 5/8/2020] Mortal Shell gets a release date and a new trailer

Mortal Shell release date has been officially announced and it’s August 18, 2020. On PC, the title will be an Epic Games Store exclusive until 2021. You can now pre-order it on Epic Games Store for £25/$30.


Cold Symmetry’s upcoming title is set in a medievil era with a really dark atmosphere. Inspired by the Lords of the Fallen, there are some creepy features, like hearing your enemies footsteps or horrifying sounds of torture. The world feels creepy, without hope and the player will be alone in his quest to save the world (probably just himself though).


The lore behind Mortal Shell is not clear and you can’t really understand what is happening unless you put a lot of effort into it. It is really sad that amazing games that follow the Dark Souls pattern, also follow the Soul’s lore system where you can never understand what is happening in the story unless you spend hours investigating. The best way to check Mortal’s Shell lore is by reading item descriptions (same goes for Dark Souls). In addition, you can learn some of the game’s story from the Shells and some small backstories will be revealed the deeper you progress into the Skill tree.


Currently, the only official trailer that we have is the Announcement Trailer and the small gameplay trailers embedded in the article. We will update this section with all the future trailers that we manage to find.

[UPDATE 1 – 5/8/2020] Mortal Shell gets a release date and a new trailer


The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and it is probably more detailed than Dark Souls 3. The graphics feel good and the movement throughout the environment is smooth.


Mortal Shell has the same mechanics with Dark Souls and if you are familiar with the Soulsborne games you will learn the controls really fast. There is a Light Attack, a Heavy Attack, a Parry and a Dodge Roll. However, a new mechanism is added to the game, called Hardening. We don’t have much information about Hardening yet but it will probably replace the Soul’s Block.

According to the developers, players will have the ability to turn into stone for two seconds, preventing all damage like a Zhonya’s Hourglass. I’m not sure if this new mechanic suits that kind of game because, with its 5 seconds cooldown, it will interupt the flow of combat a little too much. Every one of the above actions require stamina so, as usual, you will have to pay attention to your stamina bar.


Shells are used by the players to change combat styles similar to Nioh. There are 4 Shells that define the class of your character and, right now, two of these are revealed. Harros is the Shell that will make your avatar a balanced warrior while Tiel will help your character have a more rogue-ish style. Every Shell has its own backstory that will be revealed throughout the game.

There are special hubs in the game that will alllow you to change Shells as welll as some special consumables in order to alter them mid-fight. This is the same mechanic used in Code Vein to swap Blood Codes while moving. Keep in mind that Mortal Shell will not include any kind of magic, so I find it highly unlikely that a mage Shell will be available.

But how exactly do Shells work? When your HP is reduced to 0 you are knocked out of your Shell and you will have the option to re-enter and heal to full or stay outside and fight, storing the full heal for a more difficult fight. If your character gets to 0 life a second time, he will die and leave a stone behind will all his currency (the same way that souls work in the Dark Souls franchise).


If you die, all enemies will respawn. You will have to kill them again or try to sprint through them. However, should you decide to sprint you will leave all your currency behind unless tou get your Stone Shell along the way.

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