[UPDATE]  New PS5 Event scheduled for next week.

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[Original Post 12/5/2020] The Playstation 5 is probably launching in October, according to a job ad which mentions the PS5 release date.

Sony hasn’t made an official announcement about the release date of PS5 yet. The only thing we know is that it releases in some “holiday” of 2020. However, a Twitter user named  Nibellion, found a new job advertisment on Rikunabi by Sony, seeking a procurement manager who will help the company select the best components from suppliers worldwide for use in PS5 manufacturing. Hidden in the job description there is this small detail that looks like an accidental leak, “… to create the PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in October 2020.” The bad news are that there is not an exact date in the post and we can never be sure that it is official.

Everyone believed that PS5 would release in November or December of 2020. However, October while a bit too early for “holidays”, could still work, particularly if it’s very late in the month. Keep in mind that this isn’t solid confirmation of the PS5 launch date. The release date of the console might change and this information may prove outdated. Don’t forget this is just a job advertisment and not PS5 Release Date official announcement.

[UPDATE 1 – 13/5/2020] Sony stated that it’s an error.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu contacted Sony about the PlayStation 5’s planned October 2020 release date mentioned in a job listing, and the manufacturer stated that it’s an error. “It was due to a mistake in the recruitment site, not content that was written by our company,” a spokesperson said. As it stands, the PS5 is officially scheduled to release Holiday 2020.

[UPDATE 2 – 27/5/2020] New PS5 Event scheduled for next week.

According to the journalists Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki on Bloomberg, Sony will host a PS5 digital showcase for the 3rd June. In addition, the famous writer, Jeff Grubb made a tweet post where he mentions a “Playstation Event” on June 3rd. Howerver, he updated it really fast, replacing the date with “Soon”.

We can’t be sure about the exact date of this event, but we know that it is really close, and it is probably scheduled for next week. Sony also commented that they are not planning to reveal everything about the PS5 through this event, so we can expect a lot more from the company.

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