The raid boss Onyxia, in World of Warcraft Classic, was defeated yesterday by a totally naked group.

A World of Warcraft Classic guild, Praxis, decided to make the Onyxia’s fight a bit more hardcore by removing all their weapons, armor, rings, necks and trinkets. The raid group used a caster (Frost Mage) heavy composition, having melee only to provide buffs and tank (Paladins). According to the guild, they used mainly casters because they are not that affected by losing their gear unlike melee classes who are totally useless. Also in Phase 2, when Onyxia flies into the air, a group full of casters can finish that part a lot faster. We have embeded the video below for you to watch.

A good question is, how the tanks generated aggro without weapons. In their Reddit Thread, the team gave us some bonus information about their raid planning and choices. “Paladins (or warriors for that matter) can’t really generate threat in.a reasonable time without a weapon/shield (or +SP from gear), so I had the mages start the fight with a rank 1 frostbolt (minimal damage) and as soon as they hit, our pally tank could cast greater blessing of kings on the mages. This generates an insane amount of threat. I think we had 15 mages, so it would be around 1.7k threat per cast. The timing of it was important, so the tank should’ve been in position before the mages cast…which is why the first dragonkin walked into the raid, because we pulled before Berit was in position!”

Killing Onyxia naked like that is really an interesting feat and we are looking forward for more “hardmode” boss videos from Praxis. Sadly, this video only proves that Vanilla World of Warcraft was not that hard but the players back then lacked the information and skills that nowadays player have. In other news, Blizzard has announced the launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Beta for next week. The Shadowlands Collector’s edition is also available to pre-order now, and it offers a slew of physical collectibles along with digital goodies.

Foivos Karkanis

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