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[Original Post – 20/5/2020] Sony said that it will be introducing its lineup of PS5 games really soon.

Next gen consoles may be around the corner, but we are still not aware of the games’ lineup or for any exclusives (except the old time classics). However, during a corporate strategy meeting, Sony said that it will announce the PS5 games lineup these days. According to the company’s plans, they will “introduce a compelling lineup of titles soon” for the new platform. That phrasing is vague enough that it could be any time, but considering the console is still targeting a fall launch, we expect to see more details sometime over the summer. We will update this article as soon as the lineup is live so you won’t have to search it for ages online.

Usually, such a reveal would be planned for an event like E3, but it was canceled due to coronavirus. Every company now, organizes custom events in order to showcase their next gen console or games. In this strategy meeting, Sony also noted that game demand is up due to the lockdown, and it touted that PlayStation Plus subscriptions have now topped 41.5 million. We saw some Xbox Series X games, like Halo Infinite, in an Inside Xbox presentation already, so we expect Sony to make its move soon.

[UPDATE 1 – 23/5/2020] All the PS5 Games Lineup until now.

Thanks to Gamespot, we know have a slight idea of what the PS5 games lineup will be. Without further ado, let’s dive into the PS5 confirmed games.

1) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft’s next big Assassin’s Creed game takes us back to the Viking era. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is due to release as a launch title for the PS5. You play as Eivor–either a man or a woman–and your travels will take you across a variety of locations and landscapes. For the first time, dual-wielding comes to Assassin’s Creed, allowing you to tear up your enemies with a newfound ferocity with axes and even shields if you like. There is a lot more to know about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, so check out GameSpot’s extended coverage to learn more.

Release Date For PS5: PS5 launch title

2) Dirt 5

The next entry in the off-road racing series, Dirt 5 promises to be “bolder and braver than ever before.” Very little is known at this stage, but developer Codemasters is promising to deliver “new features” and “new innovations” where every race is unique. Veteran voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North are contributing to the game’s career mode.

Release Date For PS5: TBA

3) Destiny 2

Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny 2, is headed to the PlayStation 5. However, that’s all that’s been confirmed so far–there is no word yet on a release date or any details on how the game will leverage the power of next-generation consoles.

Release Date For PS5: TBA

4) Fortnite

Release Date For PS5: PS5 launch title.

5) Godfall

Counterplay Games is working with Borderlands studio Gearbox to release a fantasy action-RPG called Godfall as a console exclusive for PlayStation 5. Described as a “looter-slasher,” the game focuses on fighting foes and collecting loot. It has support for single-player and co-op where you can join groups of up to three players to take on the more dangerous challenges.

PS5 Release Date: TBA

6) The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Daedalic Entertainment, the studio known for its point-and-click adventure games, is developing an all-new Lord of the Rings game that is focused on an unlikely character: Gollum. In The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, you play as Gollum in a story told from the creature’s perspective. It’s the first time across the entire Lord of the Rings brand–movies, TV shows, books, etc.–that a story is being told from Gollum’s perspective, which is intriguing to think about. Very little is known about this game, and no images or firm details have been released yet. But Gollum is often overlooked in Middle-earth, so it’s exciting to see him finally get his own game.

Release Date For PS5: 2021

7) Outriders

Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly is partnering with Square Enix for a new game called Outriders. The new game is a cover shooter that also incentivizes getting out from behind the chest-high walls and wrecking your foes with a number of cool abilities.

Release Date For PS5: Holiday 2020

8) Quantum Error

A “cosmic horror” game, Quantum Error is the second game from TeamKill, following their debut title Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris, which was released in 2018. Very little is known about Quantum Horror, but a brief teaser trailer showed some nice-looking visuals and gameplay that some are remarking looks like Doom meets Dead Space.

Release Date for PS5: TBA

9) Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

The Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines sequel takes you to Seattle, a lovely city that happens to be overrun by vampires. “In this sequel to the cult classic, your choices, plots and schemes will change the balance of power,” Paradox said about its sequel.

Release Date: TBA

10) Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs sequel, Legion, from Ubisoft Toronto and acclaimed director Clint Hocking, is yet another Ubisoft title confirmed for the PS5. It was originally slated to arrive in March 2020 for the current-generation of consoles, but Ubisoft pushed the game to give the developers more time to “ensure that their … innovations are perfectly implemented so as to deliver optimal experiences for players.” Coinciding with the delay, Ubisoft also confirmed that Legion would be released on next-gen consoles. It’s exciting to think about what the power of the PS5 could deliver for Legion, as the game is said to allow you to control any NPC you see in the world.

Release Date For PS5: Ubisoft’s FY 2020-21, which is April 2020-March 31, 2021.

[UPDATE 2 – 16/9/2020] More games have been added to the PS5 Games Lineup.

According to latest information, this will be the new PS5 games lineup. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Astro’s Playroom and Fortnite are the only titles that are 100% confirmed as a PS5 launch title. However, a ton of games, including big hits like Godfall and Spider-Man Milles Morales will arrive after/with the launch.

Games Coming To PS5 At Or Around Launch

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