After a long time, we finally have a Red Dead Online update featuring legendary animals hunting and the naturalist role.

According to Rockstar Games, the naturalist specialization will be a talent tree around “tracking, studying and hunting animals”. There will be two free roam events, two bonus stories, a new hub, a Gypsy Cob breed and many new clothing options. The naturalist role will cost 25 Gold Bars (the same as the moonshiner role added in a previous update) and in order to begin you have to visit Harriet Davenport in Strawberry.

In addition, legendary animals hunting, is finally added to the game. You can now hunt seven different animal species, with a total of 21 subspecies. Davenport is again the “key-man”, selling maps that will help you locate these beasts. However if you are not into killing innocent animals, you can take the role of a more aggresive PETA agent, with the new missions that include protecting animals from poachers.

Two weeks ago, fans of the franchise have created a huge clown event inside the game. Over the past few months, the company have made several patches for GTA Online, but not even a single update for Red Dead Online. It is clear that the players were disappointed but hopefully this new update will satisfy them. To be honest, the company also made an update to Red Dead online, by removing the mod that spawned KKK members inside the game. However, many players feel unhappy about Rockstar prohibiting them from doing what they like, but since the recent events with George Floyd there is no place for African American hate in any game in my opinion.

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Foivos Karkanis

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