Red Dead Redemption 2 Halloween’s event is now live and the Red Dead Mysteries Reddit community has decided to organize a monster hunt.

The target of this quest appears to be some sort of Loch Ness monster. Three months ago, Obsidian Sky Studio uploaded in Youtube some mysterious recording that they datamined from the game’s files. The modders’ team used the program Open IV to record these sounds, titled “rivermonster”, that are almost one minute long.

This discovery was soon forgotten, as players could not understand what these sounds were. However, last week, Redditor jackrupper17 decided to reignite these rumors. “Someone needs to investigate this – I think that there is a river monster somewhere in the game,” jackrupper17 said. “There most likely isn’t a monster in the game, but if we can at least find a way to trigger the noises, then I will count that as a success.”

Jackrupper17’s post worked and The Red Dead Redemption 2 monster hunt quickly began, with fans all over the world searching a point inside the game that would trigger these creepy audio sounds. Some of the most popular areas to search are the Flat Iron Lake, the San Luis River and the Roanoke Ridge. It looks like that nobody has found anything useful yet, but we will update the article as soon as we have more information.

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