We’ve written all the information that we managed to find online, in this article. We will keep it updated through the next months. This article will be covering everything regarding Resident Evil Village until its release date.

After the video published on Resident Evil’s YouTube channel, we have a new leak indicating that Resident Evil Village will be the longest Resident Evil game.

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In the video the developers stated that they intentionally rejected the name of Resident Evil 8 for the new title. However, the number VIII (which is 8 in the Roman numeral system) appears in the logo of the Village if you look carefully.

Release Platforms

Resident Evil Village was announced at a Sony’s event but the title will also release on Xbox Series X and Steam for PC.


[UPDATE 1 –  30/6/2020] Resident Evil 8 Will Require ‘An Open Mind’ according to a leaker.

A very reliable leak source, AestheticGamer, tweeted that Resident Evil: Village will be the further departure from the beloved series to date.

Taking to Twitter to chat about the game, AestheticGamer shared: “It depends how you look at it, but I would say yes, yes it is a bigger departure than RE 7. For one thing despite the first-person, southern aesthetic of RE7, RE7 is very, very clearly a RE game, like it purposefully follows RE1’s structure a lot of the time. It’s also relatively self-contained.” They went on to claim that though RE 8 is mechanically similar to 7, it’ll be “more daring,” blurring the lines of the series “not in a way to please everyone.”

“I recommend keeping an open mind with RE8, it is in many ways the biggest departure the series will take to date, but it got to where it is because it’s excellent,” they teased. “They’re taking a few risks with RE8, more than people know at this point, but they believe they have something truly special here, and I suspect it’ll be regarded by many down the line as a stellar Resident Evil game.”
In a dialogue with another RE fan, AestheticGamer spoke a little on the game’s structure, claiming that the new Resident Evil title will be  “bigger and focus on exploration than any Resident Evil game,” with free-roaming, optional treasures and what could be a hint for side quests.
Nothing is officialy confirmed yet, but AestheticGamer has correctly leaked a number of now-proven facts about Resident Evil 8. We will update the article when we have an official announcement on this topic.

Like several other titles of the franchise, Resident Evil Village will use the RE Engine. According to the developers, “We were able to take all that we learned from those titles along with our internal development efforts and optimize the latest version of the engine for the next generation of consoles. With the combined power of next-gen and RE Engine, we can take our developers’ visions into new heights. Realistic graphics and immersive audio coupled with no load times will really draw you into the world we’ve created for Resident Evil Village”.

Time Period

The new game takes place some years after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Protagonist, Characters and Plot

Ethan Winters is the main protagonist of Resident Evil Village, who has returned to ordinary life in the titular village. The well known Chris Redfield is also making his return. Chris is the reason to turn Ethan’s life upside down in the Village. The producers showcased a key art that depicts Chris as “dark and far more brooding than in earlier appearances”. In the trailer, Chris Redfield is seen shooting someone multiple times in cold blood at Ethan’s house. It could suggest that the heroic series regular is set for a more antagonistic role this time around.

[UPDATE 1 – 8/7/2020] Resident Evil Village will feature a lot of side characters.

AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem who had already leaked some gameplay features of Resident Evil 8 (check above), has made a new tweet about the game yesterday. According to the popular leaker, Resident Evil Village will feature a lot of side characters that will play an important role in the game’s story. The Resident Evil franchise is known for its really small number of human NPCs in constrast to the endless armies of zombies. However, Dusk Golem is a reliable source so you better prepare for a new experience that will probably change the very structure of the series. Keep in mind that nothing is confirmed officially, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Setting and Enemies

The title is set in titular village where Ethan Winters lives a peaceful life.

[UPDATE 1 – 31/7/2020] New Resident Evil’s 8 Enemies Details leak thanks to playtester event

The leaks comes from BioHazard Declassified and Rely on Horror, though the latter publication does admit that since this news has come from just one source, it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. According to the new info, a new and “normal” enemy type was shown to playtesters, who were playing the game on PlayStation 4 Pros. The enemy was shown as being “very pale, almost rotten skin, with tattoos on their foreheads and hands. Some with armor, but not like knight armor, that can also be shot off. ” These enemies reportedly “jump and grab and bite similar to Resident Evil 3,” and one even has a sword attack which can instantly behind the main character, Ethan. Yikes.

BioHazard Declassified also went on to claim that the new playtest area was inside the castle that players saw the exterior of during the first playtest. Not too much was shared on the castle itself, but it’s likely to play out in a similar fashion to exploring the Baker Mansion in RE 7. The leak spoke of one of the “witch” characters we’ve heard rumours of, explaining she’s a woman in black named Olga, who releases insects presumably in the same way as Marguerite Baker. This enemy apparently laughs when she spots you, which is great. The demo allegedly ended after a boss fight with Olga. The rumour states: “After a bit of shooting, she’ll transform into this insect/spider-like creature with long spider legs and releasing more insects coming out from her insect-like bottom.”

[UPDATE 2 –  13/8/2020] Resident Evil Village Will Be The Longest Resident Evil Engine Game.

The Resident Evil leaker, AestheticGamer found a new leak about the lenght of the upcoming Resident Evil game. The leaker, who has correctly predicted many Resident Evil 8 details in the past, made a tweet informing the Resident Evil fans the the new title will be the longest modern game Capcom has ever made using the Resident Evil Engine. The “bigger” Resident Evil up to date is Resident Evil 7, requiring an average of 16 hours to complete it. “Let’s just say I have an inkling’ about what RE games are in dev right now, I’m only talking about RE8 right now but people know RE4 is also coming up at this point. RE8 will be the longest RE Engine game to date, & without saying too much the other stuff coming up should follow a similar trend” AestheticGamer said. If the rumors are true, we are probably looking to 20+ hours of new Resident Evil gameplay.


Currently the only trailer that we have about the game is the announcement trailer. We embeded the video below for you to watch. A new Resident Evil 8 trailer is rumoured to drop in August, so hopefully we’ll get to see something which either verifies or debunks the above leaks.

Release Date

Resident Evil Village is set to release somewhere in 2021. For now, these are the only details that we have. We will update the article with more information in the future.

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