Book of Demons is an isometric hack’n’slash title with elements of action role-playing created by Polish studio Thing Trunk. The game was officially released through Steam on 13 December 2018 and was originally developed for Microsoft Windows, but the developers informed about plans to release it also on Xbox One.


The world created in the game relates to the classics of hack’n’slash genre. The action takes place in the Paperverse, more specifically in the dungeons beneath the cathedral standing in Town. In the depths of the maze under the cathedral, a new evil has awakened and threatens the lives of the locals. Their only hope is the help of a wandering hero, the player’s character, who starts the crusade against the Ultimate Evil.


Book of Demons consists of three different classes (Warrior, Mage and Rogue). The game combines the elements of a linear ARPG with a unique deck-building skill mechanism allowing you to fill your action bar with a total of 10 different cards of your choice. There are three types of cards (Red for potions/elixirs/scrolls, Blue for cards that give you an actual spell and Green for passive bonus cards that bind some of your mana permanently).

The game is separated in 3 main layers and every layer consists a large number of smaller dungeons. Some of the dungeons have bosses and in the final stage before the end of the layer a heroic boss is waiting for you. Your enemies have some very unique and interesting abilities and tactics, meaning that you must understand the type of the enemy that your are fighting before you can defeat him. Bosses have more than three different phases, and they generally have a combination of the mobs abilities putting your skills to the test.

Graphics / Sound

The graphics are interesting, the atmosphere is dark and the terrain will remind you of a giant paper floor with paper objects, walls and enemies added to it. The sound is decent, fits the game and there is no voice acting in the dialogues.

Unique Features

Book of Demons has a very unique element, allowing you to decide the length of the dungeon that you want to play. You can set the average time of the mini layer from 5 minutes up to 1 hour depending on how much free time you have. Of course if you pick a bigger instance, the rewards are going to be way better.


The main story takes around 10 hours to complete, the main+extra 12 hours and the completionist 15 hours. The game has many different levels of difficulty giving more than enough replayability options to the title.


  • Rare combination of ARPG with deck-building

  • Dungeon length planning

  • Interesting mechanics


  • Linear Gameplay

  • Repetitive level designs

Rating (7/10)

  • Plot: 6/10

  • Gameplay: 8/10

  • Graphics: 7/10

  • Sound: 6/10

  • Uniqueness: 8/10

  • Replayability: 7/10

Foivos Karkanis

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