[UPDATE] Even before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a remaster of the legendary original Red Dead Redemption was always a hot topic to the fans of the series. It now appears that the popular remake will release before GTA VI.

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[Original Post – 3/6/2020] It looks like that there are rumours about a remastered version of the popular title. According to the 4chan leaker Chris Liberty, Rockstar Games is preparing a Read Dead Redemption Remake. The leak claims that at some point this year, the company will announce a remake. A good idea would be to announce it on the 10th years anniversary of the original game, but that date was in May. The good news are, they probably postponed the announcement due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The post also informs us that the remake will use the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine and it will launch on next gen consoles and PC. Additional lines will be recorded for the character of John Marston, suggesting we might be getting new content, maybe in a form of expansion or bonus missions. Finally, the leaker mentions that the game may also sport other new content (exept John Marston) and might be announced soon.

Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm these rumours, but we can cross our fingers for that. We will update the article as soon as we have more information on that topic. Keep in mind that last year, a fan-made Red Dead Redemption remaster was pulled from the internet over copyright issues. Before it was taken down, the project saw a lot of interest from players, showing a RDR remake is truly what we all want right now.
[UPDATE 1 – 9/2/2021] Red Dead Redemption Remaster might be coming before GTA VI.
According to latest rumors, Rockstar plans on releasing Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2023. However, new information indicates that Red Dead Redemption Remaster will arrive sooner than we expected. A detailed post in 4chan that was later reposted in Reddit’s “Gaming Leaks and Rumours” sub, states that “RDR1 is technically being “remastered” and coming before GTAVI” . The post also mentions Vice City, GTA III and San Andreas remakes. Keep in mind that there is no official confirmation from Rockstar yet, so take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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