Like every game, there are some simple mistakes in Sea of Thieves that players do all the time. In the following article we will highlight the top five common mistakes that people do, beginners and pros alike. Special thanks to Ryan Birdman for his research. Keep in mind that this is only our opinion, so probably some of these mistakes may seem silly to many players.

Attacking bigger ships

Fighting a ship that is bigger, faster and stronger than you is not always a good option. They will probably have an experienced crew, ammunition and skills to send you to to the bottom of the sea really fast. Sometimes,  it’s hard to admit that you are a small ship, without crew and enough resources, but attacking a better ship will earn you nothing. Throw your ego at the water and continue your journey.

Being unarmed

Never go to unknown lands without being armed to the teeth. Especially if you explore an island for loot and goodies, always have your weapons at the ready. You never know what dangers lurks in the shadows.


Sails are probably one of the most important features the game has. If you use your sails correctly you can speed up, slow down and generally maneuver in order to gain a huge advantage while in the open seas. Offensive or defensive, sails can be used in several situations and all captains must be able to use them correctly.

Island Anchor-Landings

Don’t throw the anchor when near an island. Coasting in with sails lifted is way better in case thing get messy. If you are under attack and want to leave the island in a hurry, raising the anchor will take away some of your precious time. As you may already know, in order to raise it you have to manually lift the anchor all the way up from the anchoring level. This will probably lead to your doom, so always be ready to leave with your sails lifted.

Sniper Blunderbuss

Ok, this is probably ridiculous but we’ve seen it happen a lot of times. Blunderbuss is a strong and easy weapon to use but it has one huge disadvantage. Range. You have to shoot your enemies from almost melee range in order to one shot them. Stop using that gun like a sniper from miles away only to make some noise. There is no serious impact unless fired from a really close range.

These are, in our opinion, the top five common mistakes people do in Sea of Thieves. What is your opinion? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

In other Sea of Thieves news, after the huge problems with the players’ toxicity, Rare plans to do some major changes in 2021. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the article and want to support the site, feel free to throw a like at our official facebook page.

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