The Gold Hoarders faction will finally get some new content on the upcoming Sea of Thieves update on Wednesday, 9th September.

The Gold Hoarders is one of the three Sea of Thieves’ original Trading Company (The others are Merchant Alliance and Order of Souls.) While the two other companies have received a new quest type, Merchant Alliance with the Cargo Runs and Order of Souls with the Ghost Ship Battles, the Gold Hoarders never got the quest that they deserved. However, with the Vaults of the Ancients update Gold Hoarders quartermasters at outposts will give players a quest to search for keys required to open some ancient vaults. These vaults can be found throughout Sea of Thieves and contain many of the Gold Hoarders’ hidden treasures.

More specifically, these quests will be split into two parts. In the first part, players will have to search for the key using the fragments of a treasure map in order to discover the exact location of the chest that contains it. When a pirate finds a key, he can either turn the key in, if he is really law abiding, or he can use it to open a corresponding island treasure vault in order to keep the goodies for himself. We don’t have more information about how these vault raids will work yet, but according to the company it will be a “high intensity in-and-out loot grab”.

The general idea is that players will have to search for medallions hidden inside the vault in order to put them in an altar in the center of the room which will then reveal the clues required to solve the key-puzzle. The key-puzzle will allow them to unlock a hidden chamber inside the vault that will contain a special chest filled with treasures. Keep in mind that the vault’s door will start to close as soon as someone enters the room, giving pirates the option to grab some fast low quality loot or risk some greater rewards in a race against the clock.

Sea of Thieves Vault of the Ancients update is set to release in 9th September and will also bring dog companions in the title along the Gold Hoarders faction quest.

Foivos Karkanis

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