Two Sea of Thieves pirates, Moonlitius and Disable_Chicken, managed to break the world record for Pirate Legend by hitting the rank in just 22 hours.

In order to hit Pirate Legend you need to reach level 50 in all three raiding companies (Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance). Two experienced players managed to achieve this insane feat with new characters in the smallest ship of the game (sloop) and without getting sunk. You heard that correctly. They didn’t sunk. Not even once.

The fun thing is that they were able to finish it a few hours earlier if not for one strange decision. The duo spotted a big four-manned ship (a galleon) and decided to sink it. After some time, they managed to send the galleon to the bottom of the ocean and claim the nearby vault treasure for themselves. Unfortunately, the crew respawned nearby with a new ship and decided to spend the next hours chasing the two streamers across the whole map in order to regain their loots. It got even worse, when a brigantine (3-manned ship) joined galleon’s hunting party.

Even under these circumstances, these two skilled Sea of Thieves players managed to sink the galleon again and evade the brigantine, one of the fastest ships in the game hitting Pirate Legend rank in the process. Because the video is approximately 22 hours, we have a small guide below to help you with all the interesting moments throughout this legendary voyage. Special thanks to Christopher Livingston for the guide.


  • At 04:26:51 in the first video, they take down a brig full of loot, while the brig crew repeatedly insist they have no loot, plus a Meg gets in on the fun
  • At 07:26:45 they sink a galleon with nothing but firebombs
  • At 10:39:38 it’s revealed they keep a few inches of water sloshing in the hull so the massive pile of mermaid gems isn’t so blinding
  • At 10:31:22 they spend a solid 25 minutes just unloading treasure, and don’t even unload it all

In other news, be sure to read about the Gold Hoarders faction’s update and the introduction of dogs in the game.

Foivos Karkanis

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