More and more people, even streamers, begin to hate Sea of Thieves because of its high levels of toxicity and harassment.

Several Sea of Thieves streamers, including SayHeyRocco, Carrillo, Jason Sulli, and GullibleGambit announced that they quit the game because of the company’s lack of response to harassment incidents. Some of these incidents involve racist and sexist behavior  where “players targeting individuals based on their gender, race, and sexuality; purposefully loading into the same servers as streamers to disrupt their broadcasts; and taking their issues from the game out in the real world.”

This strange behavior began back in 2018 when the streamer Jaryd “Summit1G” Lazar had a fight with the community. After the fight, many of his fans targeted him and send information about him so players could harass him in and outside the game. Lazar reported this to Rare, but they did not respond and totally ignored the streamer. Some other terrible examples of harassment are Gambit and ComradeMolly, who both stream under the LGBTQIA+ tag. Rare responded with the following statement:

We have already implemented changes within the Partner Programme to ensure that our creator community remains a positive and welcoming space, and we will work closely with our partners to ensure it remains so.

We’re committed to supporting our LGBTQ+ partners, streamers and creators—diversity only enriches our larger-than-life pirate community, and makes Sea of Thieves’ world a far more interesting one to explore and enjoy.

As stated in our Code of Conduct, Sea of Thieves is a game for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability. Prejudice of any kind is totally unacceptable. We will continue to support and promote our LGBTQ+ community of creators with our activities across our community, within the game, and with the events we run our partners.

We really hope that the company addresses these issues of toxicity to players and streamers, especially when Sea of Thieves community is steadily growing. In the last seven days, the game has over 20.000 new players, a record number for any game right now.

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Foivos Karkanis


  • Leon
    Posted 5th October 2020 12:32 pm 0Likes

    Children/millennials shouldn’t play, Its a game for grown-ups.. SoT is like real life, just when you are making progress life dumps on you. Deal with it. If the chat is to toxic might I suggest you mute the. Someone always has to complain and whine. Besides that streamers are annoying glad to see them go, probably should get out of their parents house and get a job..

    • foivosk
      Posted 6th October 2020 9:42 am 0Likes

      lol that’s mean

    • Mike
      Posted 6th October 2020 10:10 am 0Likes

      Steaming is a job u loser lol just bc ur almighty self thinks something dosnt mean u have to say it. bet ur garbage man. Quit playing with trash bro get a real job. Just bc ur not interesting enough for ppl to care or watch DNT mean it CNT work for other ppl.

      • foivosk
        Posted 7th October 2020 12:21 am 0Likes

        well i dont believe they think that they are some kind of gods

    Posted 5th October 2020 7:01 pm 0Likes

    Garbage game, will never play it again, even that “theyve adressed the issues”

    • foivosk
      Posted 6th October 2020 9:41 am 0Likes

      hope that they adress some of the issues though haha

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