Soul Ash, the currency needed to create legendary items in World of Warcrat: Shadowlands was added to Torghast loot table.

Structure and Wings

With the Beta release of Shadowlands, we have some bonus information about this subject. First of all, the Torghast runs will be a weekly farm loop that follows the structure of Visions of N’zoth in Battle for Azeroth. Torghast, commonly known as the Tower of the Damned, will feature six wings, each one with different environments, enemies, bosses and mechanics. The tower will also include some mini-wings, the Twisting Corridors, that will drop cosmetic rewards. Every week, two out of the six main wings will be available to the players.

Layers and Floors

Every wing in Torghast is also split into 8 sub-wings, called layers. Each layer will also have six sub-layers called floors. This means that the first wing will have 8 layers and the first layer will contain floors 1 through 6 while the second layer 7 through 12 etc. Completing a layer will end your run and reward you with an amount of Soul Ash, the currency needed to craft legendaries. Once you complete a layer, you can talk to the Wayfinder an start a new run. As the layers and floor numbers increase, the enemies and the bosses’ difficulty will increase as well. Thanks to Wowhead we have an example of the Soul Ash rewards.


Layer 1 – 15 Soul Ash

Layer 2 – 10 Soul Ash

Layer 3 – 5 Soul Ash

Layer 4 – 5 Soul Ash

Layer 5 – 5 Soul Ash

Layer 6 – 4 Soul Ash

Layer 7 – 4 Soul Ash

Layer 8 – 3 Soul Ash

If you complete a higher floor, in the end, you will also get the Soul Ash reward from all lower layers. However, if you do not collect your Soul Ash from a layer, it will be lost in the weekly reset. A very important note here, the following week, your progress from the previous week will not be lost. If you have completed five layers for example, in the next week you will be able to start from layer 5 again, getting all the rewards from the lower layers immediately. This will reduce the grind time and Torghast will be more enjoyable.

Release Date and Intro Quest

The Tower of the Damned will be available at the expansion’s launch and the intro questline will take you through all 6 wings of Torghast on layer 1. Legendaries cost 100 Soul Ash to craft right now. This means that if you complete layer 8 in both wings that are available you will be able to craft one legendary item per week. This sounds pretty crazy and Blizzard will probably fix it in later updates. The company has also made a statement in the past, noting that they want players to craft one legendary every 2-3 weeks in Shadowlands so we can safely assume that you won’t be able to get that much Soul Ash from Torghast runs.

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