Shadowlands pre-patch is around the corner, and Blizzard has announced that they will nerf some gold farming options in the upcoming expansion.

The nerf will target raw gold farming from instances and it will give a 35% to 50% reduction on the vendor sell-prices. These changes will apply with the launch of the pre-patch and they are a result of the Shadowlands level squish feature. The level squish will reduce the item level of most World of Warcraft items, leading to a decrease in their vendor value.

Raid Old Values Pre-Patch
Trial of the Grand Crusader 240 137 42.92%
Dragon Soul 996 579 41.87%
Heart of Fear 970 633 34.74%
Blackrock Foundry 1,890 890 52.91%


The table above shows some of the reductions that will apply to four old raids, based on the loot vendor sell value. The first gold value is from vendor prices in 8.3.7 patch while the second value are the same items with the price nerf in 9.0.1 Shadowlands pre-patch. Keep in mind that raw gold dropped from bosses or mobs is not subject to change with that nerf.

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