In this article we’ve written all the information that we managed to find online about the game.  We will keep it updated through the next months. This article will be covering everything we know regarding Spider-Man: Miles Morales until its release date.

Time Period

According to an old Sony VP, Spider-Man Miles Morales is an expansion of the first Spider-Man game. However, an Insomniac employee revealed that this is not true and even if Miles Morales follows the events of the original game, it will still be a standalone title. This means that the new Spider-Man game is not a sequel, so we can’t be sure about the timeline. There are some hints that Morales’ story will take place one year after the first game ended.

Universe and Protagonist

Thankfully, it is set in the same universe with its predecessor. The main protagonist will be the same Morales who gets bitten by a spider at the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The new game will be set in New York City and, if the Time Period is correct, the city will be filled with snow, creating an amazing winter experience.

Story and Villains

According to the game’s creative director, Morales lives in Harlem and he finds himself between an evil energy corporation and a high tech criminal army. The new game will introduce some new fresh villains, but the developers made clear that some of the older villains will return. There is no official announcement about the new evil guys and, about the return of our favorite villains, it is rumoured that Green Goblin and Venom will make their appearance.


Currently, only the announcement trailer is available. When Sony announced Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, along with the trailer below, during its PS5 event, they stated that it’s simply “a new adventure from Insomniac Games”.


Since Spider-Man Miles Morales is not a sequel, it will act more as a stopgap between the franchise’s two major games. This means that it won’t be very long and there won’t be countless of activities for players to do. its creators have confirmed it will be similar in style and length to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, another game described as being a standalone title. If these statements are correct, the game will have an average legth of seven hours for the completion of the main story.

PS5 Box Art

Sony has posted the first image of the PS5 game boxes. The image is for the PlayStation exclusive, Spider-man: Miles Morales. You can take a look at the link or the picture below.


Spider-Man Miles Morales will have really fast loading time (let’s hope so) along with a fast travel option. Developers also worked on enhanced visuals and less graphical bugs.

Release Date

The only thing that we know about the release date of Marvel’s latest title, is that it will be released somewhere in the “Holiday of 2020” alongside the release of the next gen console, PlayStation 5.

New Powers

While Miles is Spider-Man as well there are going to be new powers for players to utilize. A few of those abilities are bioelectricity and invisibility. In addition, Miles, a not so experienced Spider-Man yet, will not move the same way as Peter’s. However, we don’t have more information on that movement comment yet.

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