A professional modding team released an incredible GTA 5 mod.

This new mod greatly improves the graphics of the GTA franchise’s latest title, making our favorite GTA landscape more beautiful than ever before. The team behind this mod is named Razed and according to them, this release was only an alpha-stage of the mod. When the mod is complete, it will change the entire graphics engine of the original game, creating a next-gen GTA 5. For now you can watch the trailer of the Early Access below.

The trailer also showcases some of the new features in the graphics overhaul, like raytraced global illumination, parallax-mapped textures, brighter and bigger burnout smoke and a gorgeous new rain filter. If you want to support Razed you can buy the Early Access from Patreon. If you just want to test it, you can find a free older version of the mod on ResetEra.

We remind you that GTA 5 is currently free to download and keep from the Epic Games Store, and will remain so until May 21. For god’s sake don’t forget to get it. It’s amazing what a team of modders can do nowadays, and if you like these custom creations, we highly recommend taking a look at this insane Minecraft Masterpiece.

Foivos Karkanis

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