Ubisoft has released new footage about The Division’s 2 upcoming update.

In the official video that you can watch below, the developers are discussing the next update. Title Update 9.1 will feature warhound convoys, new events, some fixes on connectivity issues and many more. However raids are not one of them. Community developer Chris Gansler quoted that they don’t have any information about the raid yet. “My goal is to give you at least two weeks of a heads up so you’ll have plenty of time to look at getting ready for the raid and all that stuff.” Gansler continued, indicating that the next raid should arrive in Title Update 10. However, we don’t know yet when TU10 will be released.

Gansler also said the Delta/Foxtrot errors should stop after a recent backend update. However, the Delta errors persist in general and the team is “currently struggling to figure out what the underlying causes are.” There’s no word on when these connectivity problems will be fully resolved but it looks like the developer team is doing its best. Title Update 9.1 is scheduled to arrive mid-May and it will improve NPC aggressiveness, NPC target accuracy and grenades mechanics. The update will also include some small bug fixes and adjustments. The team also talked about The Division 2 League, free gifts that you can receive just by logging in before May 5.

Ubisoft recently dropped Title Update 9 for The Division 2 across all platforms, following the release of the Warlords of New York expansion.

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Foivos Karkanis

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