Warlords of New York is a paid content expansion added to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, that was released on March 3, 2020. The expansion was created with three main goals in mind, expand the narrative of The Division 2, strive to incorporate community feedback and the creation of a cohesive end-game experience.


Aaron Keener, a former First Wave Division Agent who went Rogue during the collapse of New York has reappeared after 6 months since he went off the grid. He now has developed his own biological weapons with the help of Dr. Amherst’s notes on the Green Poison and also with the help of Vitaly Tchernenko, a Russian Virologist he kidnapped during the events of Tom Clancy’s The Division. He uses these weapons to attack The Division Base of Operations in New York City killing top Division agents and Analysts.

After that, he took control of lower Manhattan and is backed by four devoted and highly skilled former First Wave Division Agents Vivian Conley, Javier Kajika, James Dragov and Theo Parnell. Division agents from Washington, D.C. are called in for backup along with Alani Kelso and must now work with Acting Division Commander Faye Lau and former Division ally Paul Rhodes to regain control of Lower Manhattan.


With Warlords of New York expansion the level cap has increased to 40. People who did not buy the expansion can still play the game in the 30 level version and will have access to all new quality of life improvements like the Recalibration library or the perfect-roll bar that replaces the old gearscore system. After the release of Warlords, below every item’s attribute, a bar will appear to show you how close you are to a perfect-roll (meaning how close you are to obtaining the maximum value that exists in the game for that specific attribute).

Big changes have arrived to the Recalibration system. You can still recalibrate one stat or talent but there is no more need to keep useless items in your stash just because of one simple stat that you plan to recalibrate in the future. With the addition of Recalibration Library you can disenchant items ,destroying them in the process, in order to keep their stats in a digital library forever to use them for recalibration as many times as you want. To make you an example, if you disenchant a useless mask with a +11% weapon damage, you will be able to recalibrate as many masks you want with +11% weapon damage stat forever.

With this new expansion we have three new difficulty regulators. Firstly you will now have the ability to set the Global Difficulty of your game up to Heroic, affecting the difficulty of the Open World, including Control points and Bounties as well as missions. In addition, you will also be able to reset the map once it is fully cleared, allowing you to take it back once more.

The second addition are the directives. Independently from Global Difficulty, directives allow you to activate gameplay modifiers on main missions, side missions and open world activities; increasing the overall difficulty and granting you additional exp. You will be able to activate up to five directives, scaling up the exp reward multiplier for each active directive. As seasonal exp is gained by all activities that yield exp, activating directives will also boost your seasonal XP gain.

Lastly the new Legendary difficulty will become available to Level 40 agents in select Strongholds, offering the most challenging PvE experience in The Division 2 outside of the raids. A new, elite sub-faction of the Black Tusk will be sure to keep you on your toes through a new legendary AI. At the time of the review Roosevelt Island , Capitol Building and District Union Arena only have the option for that new difficulty.

SHD Levels is the new infinite progression system, replacing the Field Proficiency Cache system. This feature allows you to invest points into one of four distinct Core Attribute categories (Offense/Defense/Utility/Misc) upon reaching your next SHD Level, as well as a scavenging category granting you credits or crafting materials.

Online Features/ Graphics/ Sound

The Division’s 2 first expansion brings back the New York map from Division 1 along with your favorite gangs of Rikers, Cleaners and Peacekeepers. In addition, in order to remove the fog of war every agent has to complete a series of investigations and five brand new missions that will lead to the final confrontation with Agent Keener. Be careful though, because once you start that campaign you won’t be able to return to Washington D.C. until you finish it. There are no graphic or sound improvements worth mentioning in Warlords of New York.


  • New campaign with compelling plot

  • Legendary difficulty

  • Several quality of life improvements

  • A whole new map added to the game


  • Expensive

  • Many bugs on the release

Primary Version Tested: PS4

Foivos Karkanis

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