Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access is out and, unfortunately, it really needs an update.

The game has a lot of bugs, glitches and graphic tears as expected from any Early Access version. According to Larian Studios, “there are still plenty of issues and it will take us time to fix them.” The good news are that the company is already working on a Baldur’s Gate 3 update that will mainly focus around multiplayer bugs. The patch will also include improvements to correct stuttering, pauses and the “famous” transponder bug. We highly recommend to not exit the tutorial by activating the transponder at the Nautiloid while in combat before the update hits.

Some other suggestions, a special courtesy of PCGamer, are:

  • Don’t save in multiplayer during cinematics
  • Don’t listen to conversations that have ended in co-op
  • Always save with caution to prevent crashes

Thankfully, Larian Studios will fix these issues soon. “Several of the issues mentioned are in the progress of being fixed and we’ll try to release a hotfix as soon as possible. This feedback from so many people is extremely important to us, and we appreciate your patience. We hope you’re having fun!” Baldur’s Gate 3 is truly an impressive game.

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Foivos Karkanis

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