The Last Door is an episodic psychological horror point-and-click adventure game developed and published by The Game Kitchen for the Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms. As of January 2016, eight episodes have been released. A collector’s edition of the first season was released in May 2014 by Phoenix Online Publishing, featuring new content.


The plot revolves around four childhood friends, of which the player controls Jeremiah Devitt (and later his psychiatrist, Doctor Wakefield), who attempt to explore a supernatural territory/phenomenon known as the Veil. The story takes place long after the friends have separated, and Devitt is summoned by his old friend Anthony Beechworth’s last words to investigate the mysterious supernatural forces that now threaten them all.


Your character can only move left or right between a linear set of rooms. You will also be able to click in order to interact with some objects in your screen, when this is possible. Your goal is to find all the clues and loot all the items that will help you unveil the mystery faster. Every item usually serves only one purpose and will disappear after you use it. Your progress heavily depends on your memory and your ability to solve puzzles.

As we mentioned above, gameplay is surprisingly simple but decent. Anthony’s movement is smooth and without bugs. Same goes for click interactions. A gameplay like this though, even if it is glitch-free, will eventually become monotonous and boring. Combined with the fact that you can find the solution while randomly clicking with your mouse on different parts of the screen, The Last Door is the kind of title that will most likely cause you narcolepsy.

There is no way to die or lose in Game Kitchen’s creation and it’s more like a narrating a story through exploration and puzzle solving. The game will not let you manually save and will auto-save every time that you enter a new room or sector. In addition, you can play the episodes in whatever order you want, but we highly suggest playing them in their proper order so you will understand the story better.

Every episode is connected to each other story-wise, but they are independent in terms of inventory and loot. Every level will start with some locked sections that you can later unlock with the use of clues or items. In Season 2, that we are going to discuss in another article, the map is getting larger, more complex and the fast-travel option is enabled.

Graphics / Sound

In the visual part, The Last Door features an interesting dark creepy atmosphere that is not enough when the graphics are that bad for a title released in 2013. After playing for some time, your eyes will most likely get tired and you will need a break. The soundtrack composed by Carlos Viola, an expert in the indie genre, exudes a unique horror feeling and is a perfect fit for the title. There is no voice acting in the game’s dialogues and interaction sound effects are acceptable.

Unique Features

The Last Door point-and-click investigation style is pretty unique with a supernatural horror plot to support the narration. Some of the unusual game mechanics may also pique your interest.


The main story takes around 4 hours to complete in Season 1 and 6 hours in Season 2. There is no replayability after you finish the story, except some alternate endings.


  • Intriguing plot

  • Unique game genre


  • Unacceptable graphics

  • Boring gameplay

  • No replayability

Rating (6.7/10)

  • Plot: 8.5/10

  • Gameplay: 6.3/10

  • Graphics: 5/10

  • Sound: 7.5/10

  • Uniqueness: 8/10

  • Replayability: 5/10

Primary Version Tested: PC

Foivos Karkanis

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