In this article we will present you the locations of The Last of Us 2 collectibles. These collectibles include 9 Artifacts, 4 Trading Cards, 4 Journal Entries, 1 Workbench and 1 Safe.

We will begin with the Jackson chapter and we will update the article with each new chapter. The Jackson part has seven subchapters: Prologue, Waking Up, The Overlook, Patrol, The Horde, The Chalet, and Packing Up. Special thanks to Patrick Gill for providing us with that information.

The Last of Us Part 2 Jackson collectibles
Sections Artifacts Trading Cards Journal Entries Workbenches Safes
Waking Up 1 2
The Overlook 1
Patrol 6 2 2 1 1
The Horde
The Chalet
Packing Up 1 2
TOTAL 9 4 4 1 1


1) Prologue: There are no collectibles in this subchapter.

2) Waking Up: This subchapter has 1 Artifact and 2 Trading Cards.

Ellie’s buddy Jesse will guide you through most of this section. When he leads you out of the greenhouse gardens and onto he main drag, you’ll walk along the porch of a blue building. When you reach the porch stairs, turn left and stick to the wall until you reach a pinboard, where the Seismicayla Trading Card is stuck.

Jesse will lead you down the street to the local diner, The Tipsy Bison. Before you go in, check this little porch area opposite the bar. On the crate, next to the orange ladder, you’ll find the Volunteer Request Artifact.

After you pick up your steak sandwiches, keep walking into the bar past the stuffed pheasant. To the left of the dart board, there’s a barrel where you’ll find The Keene Twins Trading Card.

3) The Overlook: This subchapter has only 1 Artifact.

At some point in this very linear segment, you’ll need to crawl under a house. When you emerge and see the light of the checkpoint through the broken fence, turn around. Enter the right window of the house to find the Seth’s Note Artifact.

4) Patrol: This subchapter has 6  Artifacts, 2 Trading Cards, 2 Journals, 2 Workbenches and 1 Safe.

Early on, Dina will guide you through the crack in a wall to a scenic overlook of the mountains. Take it in together. When you’re done, follow her back through the crack in the wall, then immediately head back out on your own. This time when you approach the overlook, you’ll get the prompt to create the Scenic Overlook Journal Entry.

After a linear ride, you’ll drop down into a little cul de sac with a few houses and a mobile home trailer. Here, you’re able to dismount and search your surroundings. On the left side of the street, there’s a house with a red brick foundation. Circle around the gutted portion, climb the ruined stairs, then climb through the elevated hole. You’ll find yourself in a bedroom, and there’s a letter — the Note to Santa Artifact — in the right bedside table.

On the right side of the street, look for the blue house with the tragically comic “open house” sign. Hop up on the truck, onto the awning, and through the blasted-out window. In the closet, you’ll find a shelf with the Tesseracter Trading Card. You’re done in this area!

Next, the mission will guide you to a grocery store. Just follow Dina until you navigate your way around back to the loading docks, where you’ll be forced to crawl under a box truck. After a little zombie scuffle, run up the cement steps of the loading dock, and squeeze through the cardboard boxes into the back of the truck, on which you’ll find the Supermarket Apology Artifact.

After you’ve popped on your mask for the first time and squeezed through the crack in the wall, head through the closed door to your right. As soon as you open the door, you’ll see a safe. To its right, there’s the Good Boy Combo Artifact.

Directly across from the crack you squeezed through to get into the room, you’ll see the portraits of each employee of the month. Look for the doggy, and check the date. July 2013. Return to the Safe and enter 07-20-13 for a bunch of supplements. There are no more collectibles in the grocery store.

After you clean up at the grocery store, you’ll hop back on your horse and ride out. After the storm picks up, you’ll take shelter in a library. Eugene’s Firefly Pendant is literally impossible to miss. You’ll smash a window to an office, and hop through. As you exit through the one door, Ellie will notice the pendant and pick it up.

As soon as you enter the children’s section of the library, look to the right. Check on that giraffe. Good job.

Just as you enter the children’s library, you’ll see a poster that says “unlock your imagination” on a short wall. Walk around that wall and check in the dark closet for another Trading Card.

As you pass through the children’s library, you’ll find a bed. Across from it is a desk with soldering iron. Check it out to find the photo.

While you’re here in Eugene’s makeshift bedroom, check his bedside table for another Artifact.

5) The Horde: There are no collectibles in this subchapter.

6) The Chalet: There are no collectibles in this subchapter.

7) Packing Up: There is 1 Artifact and 2 Journal Entries in this subchapter.

From the front door, the kitchen is in the far left corner of the house. Scan the counter and pick up the owl mug to create a new Journal Entry.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find Joel’s hobby room. The guitar sitting in the sunlight is a journal prompt.

This one’s impossible to miss. It’s the shoebox on Joel’s bed.

That’s all folks! These were all the collectibles in the first chapter of the game. Stay tuned for more chapters soon.

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