Neil Druckmann shared in Twitter a rehearsal video of one of the most touching moments in The Last of Us Part 2.

This emotional cutscene can be skipped entirely in the game, so we will give you some extra information in case you missed it. During the first Day in Seattle, while Ellie and Dina are hunting Abby, they enter a music shop. The music shop is filled with many different instruments and on its second floor there is a special guitar that the player can interact with. If you click on the guitar, Ellie will play Take On Me by a-ha. Naughty Dog’s vice president, Neil Druckmann, has shared on Twitter the live The Last of Us Part 2 rehearsal of that scene.

As you can see, we have Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Dina’s Shannon Woodward taking up the exact same positions the in-game lovers do. It’s a cool scene and a moment to enjoy the game away from the endless combat and deaths.

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Foivos Karkanis

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