The Root Pack is a boss-fight (one of the earliest in the game) and is located in the first part of Inkwell Isle. The fight consists of 2 phases in Easy and 3 in Regular. The Easy difficulty is trivial for that boss-fight so we will focus only on the Regular one.   The encounter features three different bosses (one for each phase). Sal Spudder is a potato, Ollie Bulb is an onion with a big purple nose, and Chauncey Chantenay is a carrot with forehead creases that hide his third eye.

Phase 1
Sal Spudder will appear from the ground in the right corner of your screen and will begin his attack pattern. He will spit three dirtballs followed by a worm that you can parry. The pattern is always the same with the only difference that he will accelerate over time and eventually fall back to the original pace. We recommend jumping over the dirtballs and parry the worm for an easy win. When he is defeated, Sal will retreat underground and Phase 2 will begin.

Difficulty: 2/10
Parry-able Objects: The worm projectile

Phase 2
Ollie Bulb will pop out of the ground in the middle and he will stay idle for some time, giving you an opening for some extra punishment. When he sees you, he will start to cry with tears coming down from the sky at different intervals. Blue tears must be dodged while pink tears can be parried. We recommend choosing a side (left or right) and always look at the top of your screen so you can dodge the tears effectively. When he is defeated, Ollie will retreat underground and Phase 3 will begin.

Difficulty: 1/10
Parry-able Objects: Pink tears

Phase 3
Chauncey Chantenay will pop into the center of the stage and begin to rub his head, sending telepathically carrots that home in on the player. These carrots can either be dodged or destroyed. Some times Chauncey will also open his third eye and fire three physic beams at your current location. Keep in mind that you have to be underneath him in order to damage him with your shots. We recommend to use your special power in that phase and be patient for the physic beams to stop.

Difficulty: 3/10
Parry-able Objects: None

Secret Phase
If the player chooses not to attack Ollie Bulb while he looks around, he won’t cry tears and realize you are not going to hurt him, leaving the stage. As Ollie leaves, Radish jumps out with an angry expression and start to spin around shortly after his intro, chasing the player. The player would have to jump over him to dodge him. He pairs up with Chauncey Chantenay acting as another obstacle in the final phase.

Foivos Karkanis

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