[UPDATE] The Witcher Series Season 2’s first scene has been revealed by Netflix.

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[Original Post – 29/4/2020] Netflix’s The Witcher Series filming will resume soon.

Kristofer Hivju, best known for playing the roles of Tormund Giantsbane in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones and Nivellen in the Witcher Series, tested possitive for coronavirus one month ago. Thankfully, the actor has fully recovered and the filming of our favorite Geralt will resume. We don’t know the exact date though, because the United Kingdom is still on lockdown. According to a Witcher-leaks website, Redanian Intelligence the production of many halted TV series will start again in September. The Witcher’s Season Two isn’t specifically mentioned but it’s highly likely to abide to those rules.

The site also notes that the new season will consist of eight new episodes and it’s deadline will be July 2021. The Witcher Season 1 had Novemer 2019 as its deadline but ultimately was released on December 2019. If the same thing happens again, we can expect the new Witcher series by the end of August 2021. The production of Season 2 only lasted for one month when the coronavirus pandemic broke out and it is estimated that at least one year of filming and post-production work will be needed. This fact as well, lines up with the leaked information about August 2021.

[UPDATE – 13/8/2020] The Witcher Series Season 2 resumes production and is probably ahead of schedule.

Netflix’s Witcher show has begun again and it looks like it is ahead of schedule. Latest reports indicated that the production would resume on August 17, but some tweets suggest otherwise. Director Stephen Surjik tweeted that August 5 was his first day back on the set and he shared a photo of him and Lauren Hissrich, seperated by a barrier, analyzing some scenes on the monitors. In addition, Hissrich also uploaded on Twitter a photo of herself with a mask from the set of the Witcher Series Season 2.

Netflix’s adaptation of the popular game began its production at Arborfield Studios, 40 miles from London, but it closed down in March when one of the actors, Kristofer Hivju tested positive for the coronavirus. The release date is not yet announced but it should be sometime in 2021. “We don’t want to rush the product,” Hissrich said in January. “That doesn’t benefit anyone.” Hissrich has also suggested that the story of The Witcher Season 2 will be easier to follow than that of Season 1, which was spread over different timelines. “The story will be much more linear, now that the three characters’ stories have started to intersect,” she explained.

[UPDATE 2 – 8/11/2020] The Witcher Season 2 halts production after several positive coronavirus results.

Netflix has stopped the production of the Witcher’s second season after four confirmed positive COVID-19 results. Fortunately, the coronavirus cases are not from the lead cast, but all actors and staff will be tested regardless. According to a report from Deadline, the production will resume soon, once it has deemed safe to proceed.

This is the second time that the Witcher’s Season 2 stopped because of the coronavirus outbreak. The first time was back in March when a lead actor had tested positive to the virus. However, Netflix’s Witcher Series is a very successful show and a third season is apparently already in the works.

[UPDATE 3 – 25/12/2020] The Witcher Season 2’s first scene has been revealed by Netflix.

One day before Christmas, Netflix has published the script of the first scene of the Witcher’s Season 2. According to the tweet, there is a dialogue between a merchant’s family and Geralt. The scene is set at night and it looks like that the family are looking for somewhere to stay in a small mountain town. Many fans suggest that this part is from Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher short story  “A Grain of Truth”. This chapter is the third story in the first book of the Witcher series “The Last Wish”. However there is no official confirmation about these rumors yet. We have posted the full script below, in case that you’ve missed it.

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