Throne of Lies is a 3D online multiplayer game by Imperium42 Game Studio, where between 8 and 16 players must combine their social deduction skills with over 100 abilities to root out the traitors at the table and stop their foes from taking control of the kingdom. The game is on PC, Mac, and Linux. Kickstarter and closed alpha started Early Q2 2017. The game launched on Steam on September 29th, 2017.


In this Werewolf / Mafia type game you start the game with 15 other people. Each player is randomly assigned one of 40+ classes, ranging from the King himself to a hapless Fool. Most players will be loyal members of the Blue Dragon faction, but each game will feature members of either the wicked Cult or mysterious Unseen faction, along with a few Neutral characters to mix things up. The objective of the game is to eliminate all members of the oppossing faction. The only exeption is when you are assigned a neutral class. Neutral classes have their own unique win conditions, like surviving the whole game or killing everyone.

Every class has a two Night skills (passive or active) usable only in the night, depending on their role. Some of those characters have some Day skills as well. The game starts with Day 1, when you can only chat and soon comes Night 1. In Night 1 every character return to their rooms, where they can decide what Night skills they will use. Before dawn there is a quick recap of the events that happened in the night, like murders or heals. When Day 2 comes, the council can vote someone for a trial. If there are enough votes, the trial starts and players get to choose if they will Pardon or Execute the player on trial. When the day ends, the next night comes and the game repeat itself until a faction meets the win conditions. If you die, you get teleported to a graveyard where you can still chat with dead players, but you can’t interact with the living anymore.

Online Features

The creation of Imperium42 Game Studio has only a Regular Play Mode but according to the developers they will soon add a Ranked Mode as well. When you start the game you get to choose a nickname or the game will give you a random “medieval” name. In the day cycles you can lie and claim fake classes in the general chat all you want, as long as you don’t throw the game intentionally. You also have a logbook where you keep track of your day/night actions and sometimes it’s useful to link it to the general chat in case you need to prove your innocence even if the logs are lies. Finally, remember that the Blue Dragon members don’t know each other in the start, while the Cult or Unseen meet in the same room every night.

Graphics / Sound

The characters, rooms and council table models are nothing special, but they will not tire your eyes after some hours of playing. There is no need for voice acting and the relaxing music will keep you company for the rest of the game, although sometimes its gets repetitive.

Unique Features

Throne of Lies offer a huge pool of well-designed playable classes compared to other Werewolf / Mafia type games. Also, it doesn’t have useless characters and no matter what class you get, the game will offer you a wide variety of actions and options to enjoy it.


  • 40+ different playable classes

  • Smooth gameplay with no bugs

  • Creates the perfect atmosphere for a social deduction game


  • The graphics are very basic

  • Sometimes ques can be more than 10 minutes

Rating (6.9/10)

  • Online: 6.5/10

  • Gameplay: 8/10

  • Graphics: 6/10

  • Sound: 6.5/10

  • Uniqueness: 7.5/10

Primary Version Tested: PC

Foivos Karkanis

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