ARK: Survival Evolved is currently available for free on Epic Games Store on PC until June 18. The title is a rich survival sandbox, set in the dinosaur “empire” era. This week a large number of new players will join the game, so we will give you some basic ARK tips and tricks in order to survive easier in the hostile environment, tame some pets and build your base. Special thanks to PCgamer for providing us this information.

Getting Started: Ark Tips and Tricks

The first time you enter ARK: Survival Evolved’s world, your top priority is to create some tools. Like in Minecraft, you have to collect some rocks and cut down some trees so you will be able to create a pickaxe. This pickaxe will help you mine flint faster in order to create more advanced tools and weaponry. Your pickaxe can also be used as a weapon.


The most basic resources are food, water, shelter and clothing. You get food and clothing from hunting. Killing some birds can easily provide you with meat in order to fill your bellies and hide that can be turned into some primitive clothes. You can drink water from the lakes found throughout the world. Shelter is the most difficult part, but its really fundamental. Shelter will protect you against the extreme temperatures and will protect you from a dinosaur attack. In order to build a basic shelter you’ll need to unlock the “Thatch” Engrams (ARK’s equivalent of crafting recipes) by levelling up a couple of times. Ideally, a shelter should be constructed on a high point to avoid roaming dinosaurs, but close enough to resources so that you don’t have to walk for miles to get them. Hunting and killing some animals can also give you some experience points.

Place and Fences

In order to construct a shelter, you have to frist find a base. Especially online, all starting spawn zones are full of shelters. We advice you to venture further into the wilderness and it shouldn’t be long before you find somewhere to get building. Keep in mind that you also need fences in your settlement, because some strong dinosaurs can lay siege on your walls and a simple shelter will not be enough to protect you from their attacks.


Your base can also be attacked and destroyed by other players, so dinosaurs aren’t the only problem. In addition, structures begin to decay if you log out for too long, making it vulnerable to destruction. The amount of time a structure takes to decay varies depending on the building material. Thatch structures, for example, take just 4 days to decay, while stone structures take 12 days. Be aware of the decay and plan your logouts accordingly

Taming Part 1: Finding the Animal and Preparing

Taming in ARK is another important feature of the game. Every dinosaur has a different use so you have to plan what pet you want to tame before you set off. Carnivores are better used for defending your base, Herbivores can help you farm a specific resource and Flying Dinosaurs can help you navigate in the Ark’s world. All animals have different levels, even within the same species, and a higher level means that creature will take longer to tame. Also, to actually tame an animal, you first have to knock it out and then feed it a combination of food and drugs. You have to study what drug is the most effective for that kind of dinosaur that you want to tame.

Taming Part 2: Waiting patiently

Taming takes time. No, seriously it takes time. Not only does this mean you have to be patient, but it also means you need to be careful about where you do your taming. So before knocking an animal out, try luring it to a secluded spot on the map.

Keep in mind that this are just some tips and tricks for ARK: Survival Evolved. The game is gigantic and has countless of actions and things for the player to do. If you haven’t picked the game from the Epic Games Store already, we advice you to get it right now! Thanks for reading. This month, we are  also doing our first site giveaway with Witcher 3, Green Hell and Fight of Animals (for Steam).

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