Redditor  u/linagabrielle uploaded a photo of him and a friend wearing two awesome The Last of Us clicker cosplays.

These costumes first appeared in 2017’s Comic-Con and the incredible attention to detail will make you re-watch the show just for this moment. In these cosplays, you can clearly see a perfect giant fungal head combined with a pair of skinny torn-up arms that look like they are decomposing in real life.

My friend and I did a Last of Us 2 make up for Comic Con 2017 from gaming

The fungal growths are really a masterpiece and, in my opinion, set these clicker cosplays apart from other Last of Us costumes. The Last of Us is truly an amazing game combining smooth gameplay with video-game art. In case you’ve missed it, be sure to read everything about future multiplayer and DLCs.

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