During the speedrunning marathon (Awesome Games Done Quick), three Diablo 3 streamers managed to break two world records with only one run.

Streamers meatr0o, Heckson and Whisperra grouped up and managed to finish the game in the amazing time of 1:19:15. This not only put them in the top of the 3-man team leaderboards, but also gave them first place in the 4-man leaderboards. After incredible coordination and teamwork, the team finished the five acts of the game in almost the one tenth of the time that an average player needs.

According to the trio, they used some tricks in order to minimize time. For example, someone is always moving toward the next objective while the others port back in town. In addition, they use a trick called leapfrogging that allows them to teleport together to quickly cover a big distance. Keep in mind that luck is really a big factor in these runs, because the group quickly got their hands on Balance, a rare legendary that allows players to cleave through big packs of monsters really quick.

You can check the full run embedded above in case you’ve missed it. It is really amazing how these pros managed to topple two Diablo 3 world records in a “less than an 1.5 hour” run. In other news, be sure to check our Diablo lore articles. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the article and want to support the site, feel free to throw a like at our official facebook page.

Foivos Karkanis

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