Riot’s tactical shooter is out a few weeks now and, yesterday, the company released a video with executive producer Anna Donlon. In this update, there is information about the Acts, Agents and some quality of life improvements in Valorant.

According to Donlon, a new hero will be released with each Act. In Valorant, Acts work like Seasons and last around two months each. If you do the math there will be six Acts in 12 months, meaning that six new Valorant agents will be introduced every year. A new addition in the game will be the Episodes. Each Episode consists of three Acts and will last six months. Episodes will help Riot Games make big changes to the FPS., including the introduction of new mechanics or additional maps. We have embeded the video below for you to watch.

Some quality of life improvements will also be added to the game in the future patches. Early surrender is one of the most interesting features, allowing a team to end a game in case they feel like victory is impossible. Keep in mind that Riot Games’ employees are working from home, so there is no confirmed date on this update yet. Donlon mentions that if fans think content is coming too quickly or too slowly, Riot’s open to adjusting the pace. In the end of the video, Riot teased the Act 2 Agent but the only thing we can see is a strange silhouette.

These days, Ron Johnson, Global Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games, compared George Floyd to a criminal, forcing the company to conduct an internal investigation. Be sure to also read about Riot’s 100,000$ offer to hackers to test Valorant’s new anti-cheat. If you are interested, this month, we doing our first site giveaway with Witcher 3, Green Hell and Fight of Animals on Steam.

Foivos Karkanis

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