As you may already know, De Other Side is a World of Warcraft dungeon located in Ardenweald. Apart from the difficulty of the dungeon, the bosses there really make no sense lore-wise. The instance combines two Troll Gods with Bwonsamdi and a strange Ethereal vendor straight from the Burning Crusade expansion. Add a crazy gnome couple to the mix and… you got De Other Side.

According to the story, when the path was broken and dead souls started funneling into the Maw, Bwomsandi created a small hideout in Ardenweald, called De Other Side. There he managed to keep some of his Troll followers’ souls safe from being drained in the Maw. However, this broke a deal with the old Troll God of death, Mueh’zala. The Loa immediately arrived in De Other Side with the sole purpose to harvest the souls and destroy Bwonsamdi.

Commonly known as the Father of Sleep, Mueh’zala ushered the dead of Azeroth millenias before Bwonsamdi made his first deal. He believes that, in contrast with Bwonsamdi, a god should rule and not beg for servants. He refers to death as Death, indicating that there is probably a very strong entity behind the Jailor but that is pure speculation for the time being.

The next boss in our list is an old-time favorite. The Blood God Hakkar the Soulflayer makes his appearance again, almost 15 years after his attack on Zul’Gurub. When the adventurers killed him on Azeroth, Hakkar was sent to Ardenweald in order to start his rebirthing process. However, his wildseed was stolen by Mueh’zala, Fortunately, Bwonsamdi managed to make a pact with Hakkar giving him some mojo for his rituals in return. Everything is good, until the appearance of Dealer Xy’exa.

What the actual fuck is this guy doing here? She (or he) looks like an Ethereal smuggler that has no other purpose than expand her collection. She has no connection to the Troll or Death lore except an old deal with Bwonsamdi. She is not even a Troll. If you believe that things can’t get worse you probably haven’t seen the Manastorms couple. An awkward romance of two bipolar Gnomes that goes way back to the Burning Crusade era. No connection to Hakkar or Mueh’zala, none to Xy’exa and absolutely none with Bwonsamdi except a deal (again?).

To summarize, De Other Side could be a great Warcraft dungeon but, sadly, it makes no sense. Let’s hope that Blizzard will expand this Loa lore and will bring us more interesting Troll dungeons in the future. Thanks for reading! If you want, you can also check my other Warcraft Lore articles or my other Diablo Lore articles.

Foivos Karkanis


  • Druidsmoon
    Posted 26th December 2020 12:12 pm 0Likes

    Sometimes a dungeon is just a dungeon. I care less about whether or not it fits into the “lore” (that changes on almost a daily basis to fit the needs of a story line), than I do if that it is fun and rewarding to complete. There are lots of dungeons that are kind of “thrown together” like that.

    • foivosk
      Posted 27th December 2020 9:41 am 0Likes

      Yea indeed. Sadly the developers change the story all the time and sometimes this creates some plot holes or some thrown together dungeons.

  • edith
    Posted 27th December 2020 7:36 am 0Likes

    why doesn’t the author here seem to recognise brokers?

    like they seem genuinely confused about what xy’exa is supposed to be and keep calling it ‘some kind of ethereal’ as if they’d never seen a broker before, and also the bosses aren’t in the other side – we go through portals to get to them, they’re out in the living world

    • foivosk
      Posted 27th December 2020 9:39 am 0Likes

      We are aware of brokers. However a random broker with no lore history does not have any connection with the Troll lore that this dungeon is related. Nobody said that bosses are inside De Other Side.

      P.S. Xy’exa IS Ethereal confirmed by Blizzard.

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