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“Foolish little mongrel. You failed to destroy the Frozen Throne as I commanded. And still you thought to hide from me in this forsaken backwater! I thought you to be more cunning, Illidan.”


Twenty-five millennia ago, the planet of Argus was the home of the Eredar. Kil’jaeden, along his best friend Velen, quickly became leaders of the Eredar race due to their increased strength and intelligence. During this time, an Eredar sorcerer by the name of Thal’kiel began experimenting with fel energy. He created a sect, also known as the Wakeners, and he proceeded to use foul magic in order to summon several demonic creatures. Kil’jaeden did not react to Thal’kiel’s actions but Velen furiously condemned him, prohibiting him from conjuring demons ever again.

Kil’jaeden, Velen and Archimonde

However, Thal’kiel ignored Velen’s warning and he, soon, resumed his evil experiments but this time in the shadows. Unfortunately for him, his young lieutenant Archimonde informed Kil’jaeden and Velen about his master’s actions and in order to prove his loyalty he led an attack to Thal’kiel’s fortress slaying him with his own blade. Several years after this attack, Archimonde would rise to rule the Eredar alongside Kil’jaeden and Velen.

The Draenei

The downfall of the Eredan began when the evil Titan, Sargeras recognized the potential of this race and contacted the trio. He offered them advanced technology, stronger magic and secret knowledge in exchange for their loyalty. In addition, he showed them a fake vision where the whole universe was turned into a paradise ruled by the Eredar trio. Kil’jaeden and Archimonde happily accepted, though Velen curiously held back. With a help of a new race called the Naaru, Velen managed to break free of Sargeras’ lies and see his true form.

The strange alien race that helped Velen escape, the Naaru

He rushed to inform his brothers, but it was too late. Kil’jaeden had already order his new minions to exterminate Velen, the Naaru and every Eredar that disagreed with Sargeras’ pact. Velen and his followers fled the planet with the help of a Naaru spaceship and therefore became the Exiled Ones, commonly known as the Draenei. Devastated by his friend’s betrayal, Kil’jaeden killed Velen’s family and tortured his son until he created a mindless creature named Rakeesh.


Soon, Kil’jaeden became Sargeras’ right hand. The fallen Titan tasked his lieutenant with seeking and transforming races of the Great Dark Beyond into soldiers of the Burning Legion. The first races enslaved by Kil’jaeden was the Nathrezim, also known as the Dreadlords, and the Pit Lords, also known as Annihilan. For millennia, the Eredar lord searched for more races to add to the Burning Legion’s forces but in the same time he was looking for the Draenei. He became so obsessed with eliminating the people who betrayed the legion, to the point that even Archimonde advised him to forget about Velen and move on.

Draenor before it was turned into the Outland

However, Kil’jaeden never stopped his search for Velen. One day one of his servants, Talgath reported a planet that showed some minor signs of the Draenei’s magic. The Eredar lord immediately investigated the planet and found even more magic traces of his old kin. The planet was named Draenor by the Draenai, meaning “Exiles Refuge”. Years later, the same planet would be shattered by Ner’zhul, becoming the hostile lands of Outland. Kil’jaeden also noticed a new type of shamanistic beings called Orcs. Realizing the potential that the Orcs had, he decided to turn this new race against the Draenei.


Kil’jaeden found many Orcs willing to do his bidding, but Gul’dan was the most fitting candidate. Gul’dan was born crippled, weak and deformed, which made him a target for constant mockery and abuse ever since his childhood. His clan hated him so much that one day they began to hit him repeatedly in an attempt to get rid of him once and for all. However, the shaman of the clan intervened and saved him, saying that there was nothing more he could do for him and advised him to search the Throne of the Elements. Unfortunately, the exiled Gul’dan traveled to the Throne of the Elements to get spiritual guidance only to be rejected by the spirits who sensed his darkness within his heart.


Crippled, without friends, home and family, Gul’dan began to hate his people. Kil’jaeden seized the opportunity and contacted Gul’dan, promising him power and revenge in exchange for his help into turning the Orcs against the Draenei. The Orc quickly agreed and the Demon lord instructed his new servant in the ways of fel magic, creating the first Orc warlock. Of course, Gul’dan couldn’t serve as the figure they needed to forge the Orc clans into an army, so Kil’jaeden ordered him to ally with someone who could inspire or lead the orc race. After destroying every member of his former clan, Gul’dan joined the Shadowmoon clan which was led by Ner’zhul during that time.

Ner’zhul, the leader of the Shadowmoon Clan

In time, Gul’dan earned Ner’Zhul’s trust and became the elder’s shamans young apprentice. Using the ghosts of the Orc’s old sacred ancestors, Kil’jaeden and Gul’dan tricked the once peaceful race into believing that their predecessors advised them to exterminate the Draenei. Therefore, the Orcs began raiding Draenei’s villages and killing several innocent Eredar in the process. Troubled, Ner’zhul travelled to Osh’gun where he was shown the truth. Immediately, he attempted to undo his actions but it was already too late. Kil’jaeden stripped him of his powers and Gul’dan took his place. The young warlock taught many new shamans the art of fel magic, creating the first Shadow Council.

The Attack on Shattrath

After the Orcs proved able to fight the Draenei, Kil’jaeden ordered his pet Pit Lord Mannoroth to give a portion of his blood to Gul’dan in order to turn the once noble brown creatures into bloodthristy monstrosities. Gul’dan took Mannoroth’s blood and offered it to the Warchiefs, stating that this drug will give the user insane strength and agility. Grom Hellscream was the first to drink from the foul blood. Soon, the Orcs who drank the Pit Lord’s fluids degraded into a horrible bloodlust. Kil’jaeden seized this opportunity and ordered an all out attack to the Draenei capital, Shattrath.

The great city of Shattrath

The siege of Shattrath is probably one of the darkest moments in Warcraft’s history. The Orcs turned the fight into a brutal massacre, murdering hundreds of innocent dreanei kids and destroying half the city of Shattrath. The Orcs caught the attention of Sargeras who viewed this corrupted version of the Horde as the perfect weapon to weaken Azeroth. He ordered Kil’jaeden to cut all communications, so the Orcs would become desperate to the point that they would even invade Azeroth. The Eredar lord obeyed and, pleased with the destruction of the Draenei, retreated from Draenor.

Gul’dan’s Betrayal

When Orgrim Doomhammer became the leader of the Horde, Kil’jaeden contacted Gul’dan again and asked the warlock to support Orgrim. Gul’dan agreed but he no longer wanted to serve the Burning Legion. Acting on his own, he betrayed the Horde in an attempt to acquire the power within the Tomb of Sargeras for himself. Enraged, Kil’jaeden was ready to annihilate his servant for single-handedly dooming what should have been a momentous Legion victory when Sargeras himself ordered him to stand down. The fallen Titan decided that he would allow Gul’dan to come within reach of what he desired, let the foolish orc taste could have been his, and then Sargeras would rip it all away, as Gul’dan had done to the Horde’s hopes of victory.

The Tomb of Sargeras

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