The Warcraft Lore series is a collection of articles delving deep into the history of many important Warcraft figures and events. Since World of Warcraft’s story is ongoing in the famous MMORPG and in some new novel publications, I will try to constantly update these articles. My main sources are Warcraft books and comics, Warcraft 1 / 2 /3, World of Warcraft, WoWWiki, WoWpedia, YouTube and some theory-crafting sites. The following article will inform you about Lord Garithos.

I am not interested in your fanciful excuses! You elves are here to serve the Alliance: thus, you will obey my commands to the letter! Is that clear?


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The Second War (Warcraft 2 Era)

Othmar Garithos was the only son of a baron, his name currently unknown, who ruled the lands around Quel’Thalas. In his teens, Garithos joined the Lordaeron’s army and he was promoted to Knight during the Second War. When Quel’Thalas was invaded by Doomhammer, a group of Orc assassins managed to sneak past the Human-Elf alliance defenses and attacked Garithos’ hometown, Blackwood. The Orcs burned the town to the ground and killed all of Garithos’ family in the process. The young Knight blamed the Elves for the loss of his home and he began to be disdainful about the non-human races. After his father’s death, Othmar inherited the title and lands of his ancestors.

Orgrim Doomhammer, leader of the Orcs during the Second War

The Third War (Warcraft 3 Era)

By the time of the Third War, Garithos has risen to the rank of Grand Marshal, one of the most elite titles in the Lordaeron’s military. However, he did not get that title because of his combat abilities, but because of his title and his father’s reputation. When Lordaeron was attacked by the Scourge, Garithos was the only human Grand Marshal to survive. After fleeing from the destroyed town, Othmar decided to gather a group of survivors humans and created a new alliance. This alliance had only one racist goal, the preservation of humanity at all costs.

Blackwood, Garithos’ hometown

Other races, ignorant of Garithos’ racist policies, decided to send aid to this new alliance. The Bronzebeard Dwarves of Ironforge sent him battalions of riflemen while the Blood Elves, led by Kael’Thar Sunstrider, joined his army. Garithos hated having to work with the Elves or Dwarves and he believed that the Alliance should never have accepted these “lesser” races. However, he needed the use of some extra hands, so he accepted the offer.

Defense of Dalaran and the Imprisonment of the Elves (Warcraft 3 Era)

When Antonidas died and Dalaran fell to the Scourge, Garithos attacked the mage city and managed to retake it. Soon, the Lich King dispatched a large Undead force to retake the city. Before Garithos left to face the incoming Scourge, he forbade the Blood Elves to accompany them on the battle and tasked Kael’Thas with fixing some nearby observatories, humiliating him in the process. During his quest, Kael’Thas was ambushed by the Undead. In a desperate act, he made a pact with the Naga, led by Lady Vashj. When Garithos learned about this cooperation, he warned Kael’Thas that he will execute him should he ever team up with the snake-people again.

Garithos arrests Kael’Thas and his Blood Elf brethren and condemns them to death

After the failure of the first Scourge attack, the Lich King sent a second wave of Undead to Dalaran. This time Garithos ordered Kael’Thas to engage the Lich King’s forces. However, he recalled all the foot soldiers, cavalry, mages and support teams from the front, leaving Keal’Thas and his Blood Elf team alone to deal with the huge army of the Undead. This mission was suicidal and Kael’Thas’ forces would have been obliterated if not for Lady Vashj and the Naga who intervened, defeating the Scourge army and saving the Blood Elves. When Garithos heard about the Naga he immediately condemned Kael’Thas and his men to death.

All the Elves were arrested and locked in the dungeons of Dalaran to await for their execution. The honorable and loyal guard Kassan was tasked with the mission to guard them. Luckily for Kael’Thas, the Naga infiltrated the prison and managed to help the Elves escape, prior to their execution. Lady Vashj began to create a portal to Outland while Kael’Thas’ forces and the Naga defended her from Garithos’ army. When the prisoners finally managed to escape, Othmar was outraged but he eventually turned his attention back to the Scourge.

Lady Vashj and the Naga help the Blood Elves escape

Dreadlords and the Mind Control (Warcraft 3 Era)

After weeks of endless combat, Garithos’ forces managed to push the Undead back into the Plaguelands. This annoyed the Scourge leaders and two of the strongest Dreadlords, Detheroc and Balnazzar, were dispatched to take care of the situation. Detheroc’s insane powers of mental domination allowed him to completely enslave Garithos and his army that now fought alongside the Undead. However, Sylvanas Windrunner, with the help of her pet Dreadlord Varimathras, managed to kill Detheroc, freeing the Grand Marshal and his men from the mind control.

Detheroc, a nathrezim specialized in mind control

Sylvanas explained Garithos that she was no longer under the influence of the Lich King and she offered to help him reclaim the lands from Balnazzar. Garithos accepted the Banshee’s Queen offer and together they made an alliance to face the final Dreadlord. Many of Garithos’ advisors, including Jaina’s Proudmoore advisor Kristoff, warned the Grand Marshal against allying with the Forsaken. Garithos ignored their warnings and exiled anyone who dared defy his orders.

The Fall of the Unworthy Grand Marshal (Warcraft 3 Era)

The combined forces of Humans and Forsaken succeeded in defeating Balnazzar’s forces and retaking the great city of Lordaeron. Balnazzar was taken captive and Sylvanas ordered Varimathras to execute him. Despite their laws, that forbade one Dreadlord from killing another, Varimathras killed his brother in order to save himself. Garithos was lightly amused, but quickly changed his mood and ordered the duo to leave his city. However, Sylvanas did not intend to give Lordaeron in the first place and ordered Varimathras to slay Garithos as well. Varimathras happily complied and killed Garithos, who was cannibalized by ghouls moments later.

The death of Balnazzar and Garithos

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