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“These upstarts are tiresome gnats, nothing more. The might of Magtheridon cannot be denied! I am the Lord of Outland! Those who dispute my rule will soon regret their folly”

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The Annihilans

Commonly known at Pit Lords, the Annihilans are a powerful species of demons that were recruited to the Burning Legion by Kil’jaeden. Pit Lords possess incredible physical strength and the ability to use fel and fire magic to an extent. They also have the size of a big Orgre along with a thick layer of hide on top of their flesh that can not be easily penetrated by common weapons. Mannoroth the Destructor served as the leader of the Annihilans, before he met his doom at the hands of Grommash Hellscream.

A Pit Lord in Warcraft 3

The hometown of Annihilans is probably the Twisting Nether. They usually enslave the lesser demons to use them as an army to conquer civilizations. The most common type of slaves they use are the Felhounds, some dog-like demons that are able to smell sources of magic for a great distance. When Pit Lords were recruited by Kil’jaeden, Archimonde blessed them with fel power, giving them the ability to act as living siege engines. Generally these creatures are pretty clever, so they also served as generals to smaller forces of the Burning Legion.

Prologue (Warcraft 2 Era)

During the attack of the Alliance on Outland (Beyond the Dark Portal story), a terrified Ner’zul opened multiple portals to other worlds in order to escape. Upon entering one of the portals, he was captured by Kil’jaeden. The eredar tortured the poor shaman until he broke his spirit completely. Eventually, Ner’zul agreed to serve the Legion once more and he was resurrected as a spectre. Tichondrius along some other dreadlords, bound Ner’zul’s spirit to a set of armor creating the first Lich King. In the same time they constructed a fortress in Icecrown (later known as Icrecrown Citadel) to serve as a jail.

Ner’Zhul before his transformation to the Lich King

The Lord of Outland (Pre Warcraft 3 Era)

In the same time, Kil’jaeden decided to take advantage of the open portals created by Ner’zhul and he dispatched the Pit Lord Magtheridon to conquer Outland in the Burning Legion’s name. Most Orc clans were confused, lost or killed during this time, so the Pit Lord managed to seize the broken world really fast. He enslaved many of the Orc clans and he corrupted them, creating the first Fel Orcs. He then laid siege to the Temple of Karabor, a holy place for the Draenei, turning the beautiful building into the Black Temple. With the Black Temple to serve as his main base of operations, Magtheridon declared himself Lord of Outland.

The Temple of Karabor, currently known as the Black Temple

Magtheridon soon found out four dimensional gateways created by Ner’zhul that were still intact. With the help of Fel Orc mages he managed to re-open and stabilize these portals, using them to bring reinforcements from the Twisting Nether. Thousands of demons including Nether Drakes, Succubi, Felguards, Felbeasts, Infernals and Eredar poured daily from the portal. Magtheridon’s forces became a very serious threat to Outland and they soon overpowered any Orcs or Draenei that opposed him. For twenty years, the Pit Lord ruled Outland with no being strong enough to challenge him.

The Arrival of Illidan (Warcraft 3 Era)

Twenty years later, a terrified Illidan Stormrage arrived in Outland to escape Kil’jaeden’s wrath for failing to destroy the Frozen Throne. Magtheridon underestimated the Demon Hunter and completely ignored him. Illidan, with the help of the Naga led by Lady Vashj and the Blood Elves led by Kael’Thas Sunstrider, attacked the dimensional gateways and destroyed them, therefore stopping the Burning Legion’s reinforcements on Outland. In addition, a new race of broken Draenei, the Ashtongue, joined Illidan’s army in an attempt to save their beloved temple from the Pit Lord.

With Ner’Zhul’s portals destroyed and an army assembled under his command, Illidan decided to lay siege to the Black Temple. Magtheridon immediately rallied his forces to defend his stronghold but it was too late. The combined forces of Naga, Blood Elves and Draenei broke through the Black Temple defenses and annihilated the Pit Lord’s army. Trapped inside his own keep, Magtheridon challenged Illidan to a duel in a desperate attempt to escape.

Magtheridon vs Illidan (Warcraft 3 Era)

Before the combat began, the Pit Lord asked the Demon Hunter if he was sent by the Legion to test him. Illidan laughed in reply, saying that he was there to replace him as the Lord of Outland. Magtheridon charged and the two of them clashed. Magtheridon was strong but Illidan was faster and way more skilled with the use of Fel magic. The Demon Hunter managed to incapacitate the Pit Lord, taking him as a prisoner to Hellfire Peninsula.

Illidan the Betrayer

During the Warcraft 3 game events, Illidan appears to kill Magtheridon. However, this is not the truth. After jailing the Pit Lord, Illidan took command of all Magtheridon’s forces and declared himself the new ruler of Outland. He made the Black Temple his main stronghold, betraying the Ashtongue Tribe that were promised their sanctuary back. Outland had only traded one evil master for another.

Magtheridon’s Imprisonment (Pre World of Warcraft Era)

After his victory, Illidan dragged Magtheridon to Hellfire Peninsula and locked him in an underground dungeon underneath the Hellfire Citadel. Along with a group of Fel Orc mages, led by Keli’dan the Breaker, they bound the Pit Lord with magical runes and seals. A small note here, it is really strange that his wardens were not Fel Orcs but normal Orcs. Illidan probably didn’t trust the Fel Orcs because of their connection with the Pit Lord’s blood.

Magtheridon’s prison beneath Hellfire Citadel

When Magtheridon woke up, he tried with all his force to escape the Demon’s Hunter chains but it was impossible even for a being of that size and strength. After realizing that he could not escape he asked Illidan the reason that he was still alive. Illidan did not answer and began draining Magtheridon’s blood. His blood was used to create new Fel Orcs loyal to the Demon Hunter. When the Pit Lord was on the verge of collapse, Illidan stopped the transfusion and promised the fallen demon that he will return tommorow.

The Fall of Magtheridon (The Burning Crusade Expansion)

For months, Illidan tortured Magtheridon, draining his blood and creating more soldiers for his army. When the armies of Azeroth re-opened the Dark Portal and invaded Outland, the Naaru A’dal sent an army of adventurers to assassinate the broken Pit Lord. The adventurers killed Keli’dan the Breaker and released Magtheridon from his chains. The weakened demon tried to fight back but he was no match for the combined army of Azeroth, who ended the Pit Lord’s suffering. After many millenias, Magtheridon has finally fallen.

The Naaru, Adal

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