The Warcraft Lore series is a collection of articles delving deep into the history of many important Warcraft figures and events. Since World of Warcraft’s story is ongoing in the famous MMORPG and in some new novel publications, I will try to constantly update these articles. My main sources are Warcraft books and comics, Warcraft 1 / 2 /3, World of Warcraft, WoWWiki, WoWpedia, YouTube and some theory-crafting sites. The following article will inform you about the Warcraft origins of the Dwarves.

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“Magni has the great halls of Ironforge, Brann has the freedom of exploration, and I have the allure of adventure and battle.”

Muradin Bronzebeard

The Two Forges

Dwarves in the Warcraft universe come from an ancient Azeroth’s race, the Earthen. The Earthen, consisting mainly of living stone, were originally created by the Pantheon’s lieutenants, the Titan-Forged. More specifically, the Titan Khaz’goroth forged a powerful artificial army, called the Titanforged, in order to aid them in their war against the Black Empire (Old Gods). Some well known Titanforged are Loken, Ra-Den, Odin, Mimiron and Freya. After years of endless combat, the Old Gods were finally defeated and imprisoned. Two Titanforged, Archaedas and Mimiron, decided to create a new line of Titanforged, should the Old Ones ever returned. Therefore two giant machines were built, the Forge of Wills in the Halls of Stone and the Forge of Origination in Uldum.

The Forge of Origination during N’zoth’s corruption

These machines were designed to create a new wave of stone soldiers that would later be infused with the Titanforged’s wisdom and magic. Unfortunately, the first wave of Earthen were far too ambitious and aggressive, leading to the creation of the Troggs, evil creatures made of stone. The female Titanforged, Ironaya, decided to seal these foul creatures in the underground prison of Uldaman. Archaedas was appointed as their jailer. Despite this, some Troggs managed to escape to Azeroth, causing problems up to this date. The second wave of Earthen were strong and kind creatures that wanted to contribute to Azeroth’s well being. They were tasked by the Titanforged to create mountains and dig tunnels and underground places in all over the planet, while the later took care of the Old Gods’ remains.

The Curse of Flesh

After many years, the Titanforged Loken was driven mad by the whispers of the Old God Yogg-Saron. With this new pawn in their army, the Black Empire decided to corrupt the noble race from within. But first, they had to do something about this newborn Titanforged race, the Earthen. If the Earthen got strong enough, the Old Gods would have to face not only the basic Titanforged but a brand new army with power much bigger than the original Keepers. Therefore, they ordered Loken to corrupt the Forge of Wills with the Curse of Flesh. The Curse of Flesh was a spell created by Yogg Saron, with the sole purpose of causing destabilization to the new Earthen created in the forge, making them soft and mortal. Unaware of their brother’s betrayal, the Titanforged continued to produce Earthen that inherited the Old God’s curse.

Loken, the Betrayer Titanforged

Tyr’s Sacrifice

Soon, Loken was ready to move against the Titanforged. Most of the Keepers were caught off-guard and were killed. Archaedas, Tyr and Ironaya were the only ones who managed to evade Loken’s onslaught. In the meantime, the Earthen were attacked by the Troggs and the Giants, led by Ignis and Volkhan. Fighting a war in two fronts, the kind creatures quickly lost the battle. In an great act of bravery, Tyr rallied the Earthen and the Dragon Aspects and eventually battled and defeated the Giants in the Storm Peaks. After this, Tyr took the discs of the Titan Norgannon, in order to search for a way to defeat Loken. However, he was soon ambushed by a large group of C’thraxxi sent by Loken to retrieve the discs.

Tyr’s final resting place, Tyr’s Hand

In a desperate act of sacrifice, Tyr gave the discs to Archaedas and Ironaya while he stayed behind to fight the Old Gods’ soldiers. Alone, Tyr managed to slow down the pursuers for hours, killing several of them in the process. Unfortunately, he was eventually defeated by the endless numbers of C’thraxxi. The land where this fight took place was later renamed Tirisfall (“Tyr’s Fall”). Thanks to Tyr, Archaedas and Ironaya survived and traveled South to Uldaman. Archaedas quickly expanded the ancient vault and used it to store the discs. Soon, most of the Earthen began to show signs of the Curse and their race requested to be put into slumber by Archaedas until a cure could be found.

Dwarves’ Birth

Some Earthen, led by Dungard Ironcutter, stayed awake and fought the disease, but when the Well of Eternity exploded at the end of the War of the Ancients, they retreated back to Uldaman and Ulduar to hibernate as well. Troggs seized the opportunity and made a rebellion in order to claim Uldaman for themselves. The Mechagnomes rushed to the defense of the vault but they were outnumbered and were eventually defeated. During their final hours, a female Mechagnome used the last of her energy in order to activate the hibernation chambers. The Earthen woke up once again and managed to drive the Troggs back.

Ironforge, the Dwarves’ capital

After the battle settled, most of the Earthens found out that their powers over stone had wanted and their hard hide was replaced by soft flesh. Confused, they left Uldaman to the Troggs and made their way to Dun Morogh. There they took the land from the Ice Trolls and created their first town, Ironforge. They named the land Khaz Modan after the titan Khaz’goroth, and they established a mighty nation that expanded beneath the mountains. With all the Titanforged corrupted, dead or asleep the Earthen decided to forget their past and begin a new life. They decided to call themselves Dwarves, a word that was used as a derogatory term for short people by the Night Elves. One of Azeroth’s strongest races was born.

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