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Victory! For Agamaggan!


More than 10.000 years ago, during the War of the Ancients, the mighty boar demigod Agamaggan joined the Kaldoirei Resistance in order to battle the Burning Legion. Agamaggan, commonly known as the Great Boar, was one of the Ancient Guardians and one of the first beings to walk on Azeroth. According to rumors, hesitation was unknown to the demigod, fearlessly charging everyone that opposed him.

Agamaggan, the Great Boar

During a battle, close to Azshara’s palace, the colossal demigod was cornered by an army of Legion’s soldiers. Agamaggan managed to kill them all single-handedly (hmm to be honest he didn’t exactly have hands) but while he was retreating he was ambushed by another group of demons. Exhausted and with wounds all over his body, the Giant Boar finally succumbed to his injuries, killing several of Archimonde’s minions in the process.


When Agamaggan died, blood poured from his dead body creating massive thorn vine-spawns in the earth around him. After the war, the Quilboar which were the mortal offspring of the mighy god, came to occupy these regions. They named the thorny place and their tribe Razofen and they became, in contrast with the noble father, very hostile against everything and everyone that dared to approach their lands. It is currently unknown who was the mate of Agamaggan and mother to the Quilboar.

Quilboar’s stronghold in Razorfen Dawns


Slowly but steady, the Quilboar expanded their territory in the Barrens and began to wage war with all the other living races in the area, especially the Tauren. In addition, the Centaur began to set their tent settlements in the Barrens, continuously pushing the Tauren back. The kind creatures had no love for war and always opted to find a new home rather than throw their lives away. This led them to being pushed back really deep into Kalimdor. The Tauren were slowly losing the battle. Years later, when Thrall arrived to Kalimdor, following the advice of Medivh, he found the Tauren race in the brink of extinction.

The Barrens, a region in Kalimdor

Their chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof, begged the young shaman for help. The Orcs answered Cairne’s call, defeating the Centaur and Quilboar. Thrall and Cairne quickly became friends, having much in common, like the “nature” culture and the passion for shamanism. Tauren were inducted into the New Horde and established their stronghold in the grasslands of Mulgore. Their new capital was named Thunder Bluff and it was a refuge where Tauren of every tribe were welcome. For the first time in Azeroth’s history, these noble creatures had a place to call it home.

Scourge Influence

Defeated, the Quilboar tribes retreated back to Razorfen. There, they started an alliance with the Scourge, who empowered their race, creating the first Quilboar necromancers and mages. Kel’Thuzad also dispatched a Lich, Amnennar the Coldbringer, in order to transform Razorfen Downs into a Scourge base in the Barrens. Amnennar killed the Quilboar inside the Downs and resurrected them as Undead slaves.


Amnennar the Coldbringer

The Fall of the Quilboar

Soon, the Quilboar began attacking the Horde in order to expand their territory once more. In response the Horde launched a counter-attack resulting in the deaths of several of the Quilboar chieftains. With the leadership gone and Amnennar dead, a cunning Quilboar, Charlga Razorflank manipulated the tribes into attacking other race by lying to them that they needed blood to revive Agamaggan. In the same time, Agamaggan’s spirit returned to the mortal realm in order to help the adventurers destroy Razorfen Kraul, another important Quilboar stronghold.

Charlga Razorflank inside Razorfen Kraul

When Razorfen Kraul fell, a Quilboar named Shagtusk entered the Razorfen Downs in order to cleanse them. However, he was captured by Chugara Razorflank and Death Speaker Blackthorn. Terrified, he saw Blackthorn trying to rise Amnennar again. In his panic, Shagtusk made a desperate attempt to escape and managed to warn the Horde and the Alliance for the incoming threat. Both factions immediately dispatched groups of soldiers to Razorfen Dawns, ultimately killing Chugara, Charlga and Blackthorn. With the black mage dead, the ritual to bring back Amnennar was halted. Once again, Azeroth was safe.

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