Over the last week, players have datamined some zombies models and heard many creepy Halloween noises while playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

Some examples include children laughing, spooky sounds and some faint “trick or treat” questions. Combined with the fact that the first seasonal event, The Haunting of Verdansk, is around the corner, Infinity Ward is probably hinting towards a Halloween event. We don’t have many confirmed details about The Haunting of Verdansk yet, but Night Mode, Zombies and a Halloween themed map are some good guesses.

Warzone easter egg found the creepiest laughing. They getting ready for Halloween??? from CODWarzone

More specifically, I believe that Night Mode is highly likely because it was showcased for a few seconds in the Season 6 trailer. In case that you’ve missed it, we have embedded the video below. Players are asking for this mode for a long time, so we really hope that night setting won’t be temporary. The Haunting of Verdansk seasonal event will run from October 20 to November 3rd.

Except the Halloween event leaks, some dataminers have also found evidence about a Warzone zombies royale mode. According to a deleted official tweet from the company, dead players will come back to life as zombies and “consume fallen player’s hearts” in order to resurrect. In addition, zombies will not be affected by the gas, having a huge advantage over the living players.

WarZone at night is gonna be something else. Can’t wait! from CODWarzone

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