Unfortunately, World of Warcraft is not a stranger to bots and afk gatherers, eventually causing Blizzard to reduce the drops of specific skinning pieces. However, some players have found a clever way to confuse them.

In the last years, countless bots with gathering professions are swarming areas rich in ores, flowers and skinable corpses. The classic report solution is a solid option but it not as funny as the solutions mentioned below. A group of World of Warcraft players, used some clever toys in order to confuse the bots and totally ruin the botters’ day. Redditor thekingofbeans42, made a post where he is using a Never Ending Toy Chest in order to foil their adversary. In addition, randomreddittag also mentioned that by using Unstable Portal Emitter you can send bots to different locations in the map, totally destroying their gathering routine.

You can find the Never Ending Toy Chest from the quest Friends in Cages in Suramar and the Unstable Portal Emitter from Vixx the Collector (Seat of Triumvirate dungeon). While these events are funny and satisfying to watch, Blizzard should really step up and begin clearing our favorite MMORPG from this huge amount of bots. For the time being, be sure to report every bot situation that you find in your long journey in Azeroth. Farm safe!

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Foivos Karkanis

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