The shop in World of Warcraft sells many cool mounts and pets at, unfortunately, extremely high prices. However, the latest addition is really ridiculous and players won’t stop making fun of that new colorful fairy costume.

The transmog set is called Sprite Darter’s Wings, and its an eight piece armor that costs 20$ on its own. However, if you buy a six-months subscription or you currently have one, you will get it for free. It’s the first time Blizzard is giving a transmog set instead of a cool mount with the six-months subscription.

World of Warcraft players have launched an anti-Blizzard crusade, after the release of this set, by downvoting the YouTube video approximately 17.000 and creating a huge amount of Sprite Darter’s memes on Reddit. To be honest, it is really annoying when Blizzard is selling costumes instead of putting it into the game as something that all players can earn, especially when we all pay a monthly subscription.

Blizzard when they release yet another thing to the cash shop from wow

If you look carefully, Blizzard is creating extremely beautiful shop mounts while neglecting some mounts that the players are able to get inside the game. Same goes for the transmog set, when most of the armors don’t have special openings for ears and horns while the first shop armor has!

This. THIS is what makes this feel so bad. from wow

The strange thing is that Sprite Darter’s Wings has some fans that are looking excited and proud to pay 20$ in order to dress like a fairy dragon. If people continue to support Blizzard’s greedy decisions like this, one thing is for sure. Prepare for a big shop full of microtransactions.

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