Team Pidgeys is back with a clean kill on World of Warcraft Castle Narthia’s boss, Artificier Xy’mox Normal, with only three players.

The team used a combination of three players, two tanks and one “tanky” dps. For tanks they chose Vengeance Demon Hunter-Guardian Druid and for dps an Affliction Warlock. According to them, they didn’t use a healer in order to kill the boss before the 15 minutes enrage timer. All three players were 225+ ilvl with more than 1.8k dps each. Specifically tanks had almost 2k dps while the lock managed to hit 5k stable. Guardian Druid ended the fight with 4k hps, DH with 2k and Warlock with 1k. You can check the exact logs here if you are interested. You can also check their full kill video here.

We remind you that these players have already killed World of Warcraft boss Shirekwing Normal (with a three man team again) and they are working on a Sludgefist kill right now. Sludgefist was also nerfed in the latest patch, probably making the fight easier for the Pidgeys. Killing Artificier with only three people is a Feat of Strength for sure, however, I find this naked Onyxia kill more impressive.

In other news, check this guy locking his wife outside until his raid was finished. In addition, if you are a Warcraft lore fan, be sure to take a look at some of our Warcraft history articles. Thanks for reading!

Foivos Karkanis

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