One of the most iconic PlayStation exclusives, Bloodborne, got an impressive “demake”  into a 16-bit mini game called Yarntown.

The new game is an interesting SNES style ARPG. Yarntown is available to download for free on freegameplanet and it will take you to one of the most beautiful areas of the game, Central Yharnam. Your character will have a stamina bar, a pistol, a light attack, a heavy attack and a dodge roll at his disposal. Your hearthstone is set on Hunter’s Dream, a hub area that is accessible from several portals (lanterns) throughout the game.

Trash mobs are pretty cool and hard to deal with, but the real challenge comes with the bosses. Yarntown contains several Bloodborne bosses like Father Gascoigne, with the same difficulty as in the original game. Gascoigne have several attacks like in Bloodborne, a blunderbuss shot and a knock. The only downside is that he is neutral and he will not attack you on sight, allowing you to possition carefully, therefore making the fight easier. The developer of this 16-bit Bloodborne is Max Mraz who, after Yarntown, is also developing Ocean’s Heart, which follows a girl on a mission to locate her father on a mysterious archipelago.

In other news be sure to check this old Bloodborne cinematic and check the amazing PS5 Demon’s Souls Remaster screenshots. Let’s just all hope for a Bloodborne Remaster or sequel.

Foivos Karkanis

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